3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help with Inbound Calls


Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of human life in the modern technological world. It can leverage machines and mimic human-like problem-solving and other abilities, making it easier to get complex tasks done in minutes. For instance, if you wish to play music or watch a movie, you can simply instruct the AI that helps you in your everyday life.

Unsurprisingly, businesses leverage this sophisticated technology to scale higher and faster in an increasingly competitive market. These tools can help them reach customers by initiating calls, detecting specific human behaviour, and leaving an appropriate response. Moreover, AI can now handle inbound calls that many businesses struggle to find employees for.

The following are the top three ways these tools can help small and large companies alike, helping you understand the significance of AI a little better.

  • It can handle more calls

An AI tool can handle higher call volumes because it is more efficient, tireless, accurate, and does not require breaks. So, as your business grows and you find yourself with increased call volume, these tools can be an incredible boon to you. They are also cost-effective, especially if you are a startup with limited resources and staff to answer calls.

You can leverage artificial intelligence to answer frequently asked questions and all tier 1 queries, ensuring it passes customers on to human contact for more complex tier 2 queries.

  • Deliver personalised, proactive support

The more sophisticated a tool, the more you can gain from it. For instance, excellent AI solutions can understand human language and tone, gauging the caller’s communication. To illustrate, suppose a customer keeps asking for updates on an order that hasn’t been shipped yet, becoming increasingly agitated with each interaction. AI can help by prioritising their case based on their channel, such as chat, phone call, or email, to determine whether or not an agent should take over.

AI can also identify behaviour patterns across channels like chat and email to predict when customers abandon calls and carts. In short, it can deliver alerts when it senses a customer is unhappy so that the human team can intervene quickly.

  • Boost employee productivity

Undoubtedly, these tools can help with call handling 24/7. They can also help with customer retention through good responses and quick turnaround times, ensuring satisfied clients remain loyal to your brand.

Moreover, the software can help human teams understand which tasks need to be done on a priority basis, ensuring they have a higher productivity level than before. This is due to the actionable insights the AI gives them, allowing them to study customer behaviour first-hand and make the necessary improvements.

Choosing the right software is crucial

Although servicing inbound calls with AI is crucial to any business, choosing the right platform is the key to making it happen. You need to pick a provider with a solid reputation and a good track record to ensure that you get value from your investment. This means choosing an AI provider who serves multiple industries like finance, e-commerce, healthcare, and more so that they can customise their tool and services specifically for your enterprise.

For instance, you should be able to personalise features such as speech, accent, and voice of the AI to suit your customer base. It should direct customers to the payment gateway, help you scale faster, and deliver actionable insights. Ultimately, it is about choosing a tool tailor-made to suit your specific business requirements.