5 Best Mold Manufacturing Industry in Germany


Finding the perfect mold manufacturer can be confusing. The perfect company is considered a complete service provider of molds, starting from selection of raw material, mold design to manufacturing of mold parts.

To ensure the competitiveness of German companies in the tool, pattern and mold manufacturers, we have conducted research of companies across the industry.

In this article, we will present a list of the 5 best mold manufacturers who are providing the best services in Germany. You can find their contact information and strength in the below article. Let’s begin

1. HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG

   – Location: Ludenscheid, Germany

   – Contact: +49 2351 9570

   – Founded in: 1924

   – Company Strengths:HASCO Hasenclever molding company offers mold solutions which are produced in-house manufacturing factory. Everything from simple components to very complex products is produced there, including using advanced robotic technology. The company produces standard mold, components, and accessories. It offers more than 100,000 products and innovative solutions such as many mold series and accurate clamping devices of mold plates.

HASCO Hasenclever supplies injection molded components to many different industries. A competent and experienced staff takes part in our customers’ tasks already in the development phase, just as we are ready to provide advice if the series sizes are of a size that makes it advantageous for our customers to change technology from chip-cutting to injection molding.

Website: [HASCO](https://www.hasco.com/)

2. TDL Moulding Company 

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

Contact:  +86-0769-82288296

Founded in: 1995

TDL Plastic Mould Company is known as an emerging star in the molding industry. It is operating from China (the biggest manufacturing hub) but is providing molding services all around the world.

They are manufacturing molds of many different types. The company is providing a one-stop solution as you just need to tell your mold requirements and the company can help you from start to end. Their services include product design, mold design, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, plastic injection molding, and CNC Machining. 

The company mold making procedures are according to the HASCO, DME & LKM standards and it has a certification for quality management called ISO9001. It also has factory certification called IATF16949:2016 and ISO 13485:2016. 

TDL company does not specify its molds for one or two industries but it is serving many industries such as medical, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, electric, electronics, energy, robotics, and automation industries. 

3. Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

   – Location: Kressbronn am Bodensee, Germany

   – Contact: +49 7543 9644 0

   – Founded in: 1964

   – Company Strengths:

Meusburger Georg Company, with over 70 years of experience working in the molding sector in Germany and exporting all over the world. They are able to produce a wide variety of plastic products with quality that meets international standards. The company offers high-precision standard parts and WBI knowledge management methods.

They are providing various services such as 3D printing, Die casting, injection molding, packaging, etc. Due to extensive experience, they can produce all forms of plastic and also the design of plastic mold prototypes and the production of plastic pieces. 

The company always looks for customers who have the desire to create their own innovations. They have experts in every aspect related to plastic work ready to produce new innovative products for you. The company never limits the production quantity, whether large or small. Their customers can be confident that they will receive quality mold work with maximum satisfaction.

Website: [Meusburger](https://www.meusburger.com/)

4. Braunform GmbH

   – Location: Bahlingen am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

   – Contact: +49 7663 9327 0

   – Founded in: 1977

   – Company Strengths: 

Braunform Company Limited was established more than half a decade ago and conducts business regarding all types of plastic injection molding processes. Throughout the past years, they have been a mold manufacturing company. The company specializes in producing plastic parts used in manufacturing and engineering.

Braunform offers solutions in the field of injection molds and is known for the manufacture of multi-component molds, multi-cavity molds, and molds that can be used in medical industries.

Braunform Company has been providing molding services in Pharma, Personal Care, Consumer Goods, Packaging, Automobile, Electric, and Water industries for about 50 years, in Germany and also internationally. The company is committed to doing business that emphasizes production processes and services for their clients. To ensure quality, the company has special test and inspection methods throughout the procedures. 

Website: [Braunform](https://www.braunform.com/)

5. Foboha GmbH

   – Location: Haslach im Kinzigtal, Germany

   – Contact: +49 7832 7980

   – Founded in: 1969

   – Company Strengths: Foboha company was established in 1969 with the determination to produce molding products and create the best quality of products according to the quality standards of customers and the country because their aim is to raise the level of trust and reliability of customers as much as possible, therefore, the company never stand still in advancing technology, personnel, and management activities and always work to achieve excellence according to international standards. 

The company manufactures all types of plastic parts and creates molds. Foboha company specializes in the production of stack molds, multi-component products, cube mold technology, and high-speed injection molding products. 

Their molds are currently injected into plastics, which are used in various parts such as electrical appliance parts, medical equipment, Office equipment, automobile parts, mobile phone parts, Packaging containers, food, furniture, and agricultural equipment with the help of modern machinery controlled by professional engineers who have expertise in plastic injection molds.

Website: [Foboha](https://www.foboha.com/)


To conclude, there are many mold manufacturers but choosing the best one according to your requirements is the first step toward efficient molds for your product. If you are looking for a factory that produces molds, makes molds, or makes plastic injection molds, you can go through the above blog or you can contact us for more details about the molding process or different companies all around the world.