6 Best Tools We Recommend For Digital Marketing in 2023


Who could have thought of running a business from a mobile phone? If you asked someone from the early 80s and 90s, people would have taken it sarcastically. Now that most things have gone digital, technology has evolved too. When it comes to running a business, most brands and enterprises have shifted from traditional methods to digital ones. Thanks to the ever-evolving internet technology that is being offered to every part of the United States.

Luckily, many internet service providers at your disposal offer a high-speed internet connection. We recommend WOW! Internet for fast internet speeds. You can sign up for speeds as high as 1200 Mbps and use WOW! Speed Test tool to keep a track of the speeds you are getting to make sure that it is stable. Once you have taken care of the primary need in the form of a high-speed internet connection, your next step is to use the Apps that can help you boost your digital marketing journey.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best apps and tools for digital marketers you need to incorporate to scale and grow your business. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


HubSpot is another great tool for all your digital marketing needs. It is a tool known for inbound marketing and CRM. When it comes to email marketing, HubSpot covers most of the aspects that an expensive tool could provide. The platform offers a wide range of marketing tools that would help you to take and grow your digital presence to a new level right away.

The best thing about HubSpot is that it does not require any complex and complicated procedures to integrate other tools. For instance, if you want to integrate Sprout Social into HubSpot, you can easily assign tasks to your team. With the help of HubSpot and Sprout Social, your team can better manage, create and track all the tasks.


When it comes to digital marketing, you cannot ignore social media marketing at all. With so many things to organize and manage, it becomes difficult for anyone to manage all the things simultaneously. In most cases, people use to hire social media marketers to manage pages. Whether you want to manage Instagram posts or schedule Facebook posts, you can do it right with your Buffer account.

The only way to get yourself started is by signing up for a Buffer account and start scheduling your posts right from a single platform. Whether you use it on your desktop or download an app, Buffer takes care of all your social media management right from one platform without needing any social media manager.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to track the performance of your website and gain greater insights into it. When it comes to tracking the performance of your website, you need to make sure to have greater insight so that website can perform better.

Whether you want to track past performance or need to look at visitors’ journeys on your website, Google Analytics will help you track it without any challenges. Moreover, the tool works better with publishers and advertisers equally and delivers expected business results.


Ahrefs is a powerhouse for all the people working on digital campaigns. When it comes to tracking the performance of your website or getting content ideas, Ahrefs is a great tool to use. From keyword idea brainstorming to spying on your competitor’s strategy, Ahrefs is an essential tool for everyone to incorporate.

Before you start your digital marketing campaign, you need to make sure that your Ahrefs subscription is taken. It allows you to carefully analyze the opportunities, extract keywords, dive deep into backlinks, and so much more. Moreover, it will also be a great tool for checking a website’s performance over a certain time.


Hotjar is another great platform to track your website’s performance. The platform you might be thinking of is Ahrefs, but things are different when it comes to Hotjar. This tool is a great way to track the actions of your visitors. For instance, you can check what action they take and where they click the most.

With the help of a heatmap, you can check where to place your call-to-action buttons. If you are looking forward to what is being clicked and how users travel from one page to another, Hotjar is a great one to help you out.


In this digital era, everyone is making websites and when it comes to making websites it does not require any coding. You can simply host a website and install a popular CMS system called WordPress. The drag-and-drop capabilities will allow you to manage content without any challenges.

Moreover, you can also install plugins to add extra features to your existing platform such as adding social share buttons, creating blocks, adding call-to-action buttons and so much more. If you want to make your website for affiliate marketing, store, or portfolio, you can take advantage of WordPress and get started right away.

Summing Up

When it comes to digital marketing, you can use as many tools as you want. Make sure to choose the tools correctly and get your presence felt online for huge success.