A cost-effective option for cargo transportation: Bid farewell to freight exchanges & brokers


While some people may assume that transporting goods from one location to another is a straightforward task, freight forwarding is actually a complex process that involves numerous components.

Businesses often seek the assistance of freight forwarders to reduce expenses and save time, since they would otherwise have to hire personnel with specialized skills in areas such as shipment management, paperwork handling, transport coordination, financial transactions, customer support, and route planning.Freight forwarding services are critical to many industries, including manufacturing, retail, and the entire supply chain. However, locating the appropriate partners in this sector might be difficult.

This article will explain why digital platforms for cargo transportation are superior to freight exchanges, brokers, and similar service providers.

The transformation of the logistics industry

The logistics sector is currently experiencing a transformation or revolution, although it is not happening rapidly. The traditional market, which relies on personal relationships, is slow to adapt and struggles to learn new skills. Although digital transformation is not yet as widely adopted in logistics as in other industries, it is gaining momentum. The younger generation is looking for simpler and more innovative solutions to streamline and accelerate the process to increase revenue.

Freight forwarding businesses are increasingly favoring digital freight forwarders, especially those that are free and do not require monthly payments or subscriptions. These platforms provide advantages such as easy access, a wider range of carriers, and completely digitalized services. However, various companies are still hesitant to digitize their logistics procedures.

This article will explain why the digitization of the logistics industry is inevitable and why digital freight forwarding platforms, which provide complete logistics solutions, pose a significant threat to traditional players such as freight forwarding agents and exchanges.

A single platform for all freight services

Freight forwarding is a specialized service that varies depending on the traditional forwarder that a customer chooses. However, these conventional forwarders rely on outdated practices, such as time-consuming shipment confirmations, requiring physical documents sent by registered mail, and payment terms calculated from the date of receipt. These inefficiencies result in errors and the need for a large, specialized team or payment of overhead fees for services. This is why digitization is revolutionizing the freight transport process. Digital freight forwarding platforms simplify the process by combining:

  • Creation of orders
  • Automatic invoicing
  • 24/7 cargo tracking
  • Electronic documents
  • Automatic tax deduction

It is evident that digital freight forwarding platforms are a revolutionary solution in the outdated logistics industry.

Why are free freight forwarding platforms replacing freight exchanges and brokers?

To start, let’s analyze the distinctive features of freight exchanges and freight forwarding intermediaries and why they have been crucial to their operations until now.

Freight exchanges are online platforms that operate similarly to classified websites, connecting carriers and those requiring freight services. However, users may need to devote a significant amount of time to these platforms due to the unreliable nature of some posted advertisements. Additionally, users can negotiate prices and establish business relationships with potential partners through these exchanges.

The Role of a Freight Forwarding Agent

The duty of a freight forwarding agent is to organize the shipment of goods and manage the associated documentation. They usually handle a smaller part of the supply chain compared to larger international freight forwarding companies. Therefore, they are more suitable for smaller businesses with less complex supply chains.

Save Time and Money with an All-in-One Logistics Solution

For many businesses, the transportation and delivery of goods require safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Fortunately, digital freight forwarders can offer a reliable and comprehensive logistics service that covers every aspect of the process, including pick-up, transportation, and delivery of cargo. They can handle various loads, from full to partial ones, as well as special cargoes, such as dangerous and temperature-sensitive goods. In addition, freight forwarders take charge of customer selection, timely payments, and provide a centralized location for all information related to the cargo. A 360° logistics service that offers transparent pricing and dependable transportation can help businesses save both time and money.

The Significance of a Digital Platform for Freight Forwarding Services in Your Business

A digital platform for freight forwarding services is crucial for your business as it can minimize hassles, decrease costs and save time, while simplifying logistics procedures. Additionally, automated documentation and tracking systems remove many unnecessary tasks, like contacting carriers, accountants, and other relevant parties. These are just some of the advantages that come with opting for a platform like Spotos.

Cutting Costs with Digital Freight Forwarding Platforms

When it comes to logistics, the cost of freight is a significant consideration, and utilizing a digital freight forwarding platform can help businesses save money in this area. Along with reducing freight costs, these platforms provide automated solutions for managing documents and simplifying orders, which can also contribute to cost savings.

Streamlining Contract Management through Digital Freight Forwarding Platforms

In the logistics industry, managing contracts can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially for companies that need to sign and manage multiple contracts to transport their goods. However, a digital freight forwarding platform like Spotos can simplify the process by allowing companies to sign a single contract, eliminating the need for managing multiple contracts. This results in streamlined operations, saving time and effort for the companies.

Providing Outstanding Customer Support

A digital freight forwarding platform goes beyond just providing dependable and secure freight transportation – it also offers exceptional customer service. This service can be a significant competitive advantage in the industry, as it demonstrates the platform’s commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of its customers.

Best Practices for Secure Shipment of Goods

Shipping high-value goods requires taking extra precautions to ensure their safety during transport. A reliable digital freight forwarding platform provides guidelines for proper cargo packaging, which is essential to ensure the secure delivery of goods to their destination. Adhering to these guidelines can help prevent damage or loss of valuable cargo.

Revamping Freight Forwarding with Spotos: A Digital Platform for Streamlined Logistics

In the past, the logistics industry has been hesitant to adopt technological advancements. However, entrepreneurs and digital solutions are now revolutionizing the sector. Spotos, an innovative platform, is a prime example of this shift. By linking shippers and carriers and automating logistics processes, Spotos is transforming the industry. Managing everything related to freight and logistics has never been more straightforward or efficient thanks to Spotos.

We recognize that your business must operate around the clock and generate optimal revenue. That’s why we provide an intuitive and straightforward tool that will transform your operations. With Spotos, you’ll experience a complete transformation in how you manage logistics. It will make the process faster, more straightforward, and more efficient.