Actual Experience wins major contract for its pioneering Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Intelligence Platform


The UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has just signalled its ambition to take its digital workplace to the next level of success by awarding a contract extension in partnership with Vodafone to Actual Experience for its newly launched Digital Workplace Management Platform. The Department has been a long-standing user of Actual’s legacy offering and were transitioned to the new product as part of the early commercial launch process.

Actual’s unique SaaS analytics platform creates enterprise value using patented technology (developed over more than 10 years) that identifies, unlocks and tracks the highest impact digital transformation projects across complex ecosystems. By bringing a new perspective to traditionally siloed IT data, CIOs can now partner more effectively within their leadership teams to drive productivity, employee experience and ESG transformation like never before.

Defra has been trialling the new platform since its launch in October 2022 across a significant sample of its employees and is now using it to develop a reliable baseline of digital employee experience across its organisation in a way that has not been possible previously. The department is now keen to further exploit the intelligence it provides.

This exciting project was led by Scarlet Jeffers, Chief Product Officer at Actual Experience who added, “Enabling our customers to lead their digital transformations with business outcomes in mind rather than IT metrics has always been the holy grail for us here at Actual. For the first time, our new DEX (digital employee experience) intelligence product makes this a reality. Defra’s complex digital estate meant we had the opportunity to partner closely with their IT leadership and as a result, we’re delighted to be playing a key part in bringing a unified strategic perspective to their digital workplace approach by tailoring our roadmap and solutions to their unique needs.

Leading industry analysts confirm that effective ‘Future of Work’ DEX initiatives are now one of the most important priorities on the corporate agenda. With a clear focus on improving digital employee experience and delivering compelling productivity and ROI, Defra and Vodafone are leading genuine innovation across digital transformation, underpinned by Actual’s unique approach to DEX intelligence.

Roy Jugessur, Chief Revenue Officer at Actual Experience stated “We are in an incredibly fast moving new era of transformation where C-suite leaders are facing unrelenting pressure to manage productivity and head off a talent crisis – ensuring the disconnect between employee expectations and employer commitment is not damaging to long term business performance.

The link between improved employee experience and increased business performance is no longer in doubt*. Employee experience has recently become dominated by the digital workplace, which means that technology and people leaders are now finding that they are flying blind at the precise moment that retention, productivity and ESG have become critical to shareholder returns. Actual’s Digital Workplace Management Platform was built from the ground up to solve this problem, bringing visibility and control to technology and business leaders so that they can ensure digital transformations are optimised for business performance, competitive advantage and shareholder value.

McKinsey and WTW for example