APS adds Blaupunkt batteries to portfolio: Affordable solutions for uninterrupted power


Based in Europe, Advanced Power Solutions (APS) has recently expanded its battery portfolio to include Blaupunkt batteries. This strategic move adds a brand with a century of expertise to APS’s offerings, targeting uninterrupted power supply for low- to high-drain devices in the mobile energy market. Formerly known as Panasonic Energy Europe, the battery supplier already includes renowned brands such as Panasonic and eneloop.

Being an established value in the energy market, Blaupunkt distinguishes itself by delivering optimal performance at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for consumers who might typically opt for higher-priced alternatives. The German brand especially excels in providing uninterrupted power supply for high-drain devices, like cameras, drones, or gaming controllers.

‘We think choosing batteries should be easy – no need to compromise between performance and price. Batteries should just work, letting people enjoy what they love without worrying about a dead battery, even with power-hungry high-drain devices,’ says Izabela Blaszczyk-Janicka, Marketing Director at APS.

Clarity in the mobile energy industry

The energy market is flooded with a multitude of brands, but also an array of battery types within each brand, varying in resources and performance. While having a diverse range is beneficial for customers, as it enables them to select the battery that best suits their device, the lack of clarity often complicates the search for the right product.

Consumers therefore frequently end up buying batteries unsuitable for their devices, which could lead to performance issues, but also reduced lifespan or leakage: ‘With so many brands active in the market, batteries often underperform when paired with high-drain devices,’ explains Blaszczyk-Janicka. ‘We typically pinpoint two primary causes: using the wrong battery type and the overall quality of the battery.’

Matching the right batteries to your device

Blaupunkt offers a solution for both challenges, the first one being clarity. To simplify decision-making, the brand curates its full battery range into three distinct line-ups, each tailored for specific use cases:

  • Lithium Ultimate for high-drain devices (e.g. professional cameras, Internet of Things)
  • Alkaline Premium for mid- to high-drain devices (e.g. game controllers, remote controllers)
  • Alkaline Power for low-drain devices (e.g. clocks, flashlights)

This approach not only provides consumers with clarity in selecting the right battery, but also ensures optimal device performance.

Besides Lithium and Alkaline batteries, Blaupunkt offers specialty batteries for dedicated devices and rechargeable batteries as a more eco-friendly and cost-saving power solution. To complement the latter, the brand offers tailored battery chargers, ranging from entry to heavy use.

High quality at a fair price

But even with the right batteries, variations in performance and price remain a common concern. In a market saturated with claims of high quality, finding the right product proves to be a daunting task. To substantiate its quality claims, APS conducted several successful tests ensuring the reliability and performance of its Blaupunkt batteries.

This prioritisation of quality is further demonstrated in the performance of Blaupunkt’s power banks, which come equipped with built-in features to address potential issues like short-circuits, overcharging, high voltage, and overheating. These protective measures ensure a secure charging experience for both the software and hardware components of your devices.

Improving consumers’ daily lives

This high quality is no coincidence, but rather the result of a century of expertise, as the German brand is about to celebrate 100 years of power. Through the years, Blaupunkt’s iconic blue dot has become a simple, yet trusted symbol of quality. This combination of transparent communication and high standards positions the brand as a valuable asset for APS, contributing to its mission to enhance the daily lives of consumers.

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