Australia’s Politix Menswear Provides Customers Improved Order Fulfillment Experience with Tecsys


Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company, today announces that Australian fashion chain Politix, a subsidiary of South African retail giant Woolworths Holdings, is fulfilling customer orders across its network of stores with Tecsys’ retail order management system, Omni™ OMS. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud as its front-end CX technology, Politix needed execution functionality to orchestrate the micro-fulfillment and consolidation processes and close the retail fulfillment loop for the brand’s customers at scale.

Founded in 1975, Politix has grown from a high-quality menswear flagship store in Melbourne into an Australian retail success story with 75 physical stores and a robust e-commerce business. Its acquisition in 2016 by Woolworths Holdings has expanded the brand’s footprint across borders while it continues to build a strong following domestically. Tecsys’ Omni™ OMS software was implemented to strengthen Politix’s capacity to meet and exceed consumer expectations under evolving market pressure; the shift towards omnichannel placed new demands on operations to process more orders under tighter timelines with higher efficiency.

“Whether in-store, online or some hybrid of both, we want to make sure our customers have positive shopping experiences,” says Richard Dalke, Head of Marketing and Online at Politix. “By streamlining our back-end order management processes with Tecsys, we gain the flexibility and robustness to deliver on our brand promise and fulfill our commitment to our customers. Tecsys helps us leverage in-store inventory so we have more visibility into available-to-promise stock, and gives us the tools to batch fulfill and consolidate orders in a micro-fulfillment environment to minimize delays and costs typically associated with e-commerce.”

The Tecsys Omni™ Retail platform powers flexible back-end processes enabling Politix to fulfill orders from across store inventories, transfer items to optimal waypoints and offer click-and-collect options to the customer. This allows Politix to operate multiple smaller distribution nodes in order to process and fulfill orders faster and more efficiently. Using the Tecsys Omni™ Retail platform, Politix can consolidate online orders with multiple products into one single shippable package; bringing complete a multi-product order into one single package to be shipped means saving on packaging, delivery, and is what most customers expect when placing an order. All fulfillment rules are defined as configurations in the system which allows Politix to easily recalibrate in the ever-changing omnichannel retail environment.

“Micro-fulfillment is the natural evolution of what we have been seeing in the supply chain space for years now,” says Guy Courtin, vice president and industry principal at Tecsys. “We have moved from a traditional linear model of moving product — source it, make it, ship it, store it, sell it — to a more complex networked approach. Politix is a fantastic use case for micro-fulfillment as a competitive advantage over goliath e-tailers.”

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