AutoScheduler Partners with FourKites to Bring Visibility to Products Coming In/Out of the Warehouse


AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, partners with leading supply chain visibility provider FourKites to bring visibility to products coming in and out of warehouses and distribution centers. Such granular visibility will help executives see exactly what is happening in their supply chain, determine bottlenecks that slow fulfillment, and uncover areas of cost reduction.

“More shippers than ever want visibility of their supply chain network, which includes production facilities, warehouses, transport modes, suppliers, and customers,” says Keith Moore, CEO of AutoScheduler. “We are pleased to partner with FourKites to maximize the throughput of companies’ distribution networks.”

“This use case from a global food manufacturer is the first joint project to use FourKites data integrated with AutoScheduler, which resulted in a 28% increase in personnel productivity at their first site,” says Nimish Patel, Vice President, Global Alliances at FourKites. “We are very excited about this partnership with the AutoScheduler.AI team, and to bring the value of real-time supply chain visibility to more warehouses and distribution centers across the world.”

FourKites gives shippers a comprehensive view of all their inventory in transit around their network. This inventory can be in the yard, within warehouses, with intra-campus transfers, or at the dock or production facilities. AutoScheduler uses this visibility to streamline product flow through key distribution nodes, ensuring that distribution sites are not the bottleneck to delivery, thereby improving customer satisfaction with better on-time, in-full fulfillment.

AutoScheduler is sponsoring FourKites’ annual user conference, Visibility, which brings together over 700 supply chain leaders from the world’s largest brands, including Kimberly-Clark, Bayer, ARMADA, Eastman, and Dollar Tree, among others. AutoScheduler executives will be at the event in Chicago on September 6 – 7, 2023, to meet prospective customers and network with peers. To schedule a meeting with AutoScheduler.AI execs at the FourKites Visibility conference, send an email to: [email protected].