Bank hands are tied


The Bank’s hands have been tied by the 0.25% rate rise in the US and the higher than-expected UK inflation print earlier in the week. A 0.25% rise was expected.

However, we understand why there is a growing chorus of commentators calling for a pause here. The US and Europe have come very close to a banking crisis over the previous two weeks and monetary conditions will tighten significantly as a result, placing further strain on the sector. We will have to wait for the May report to get the MPC’s full assessment of the recent turmoil, however, it is pleasing to see the FPC reiterate its confidence in the strength of the UK banking sector.

With inflation expected to fall rapidly in the near term and interest rates close to their peak, it seems the inflation beast has been tamed. However, we may soon discover “the cure is worse than the disease” as the banking sector groans under the weight of aggressive rate rises.