BCMPA website enhancements help to satisfy huge demands for outsourcing


The BCMPA, the association for contract manufacturing, packing, fulfilment & logistics, has seen a large increase in users to its website since lockdown as potential customers look to the internet for outsourcing solutions.

In direct response the BCMPA has introduced a series of enhancements to its site to create an improved overall user experience and make it easier for brand owners, retailers, manufacturers and e-commerce companies to find outsourcing partners to support them with their projects.

The website – at www.bcmpa.org.uk – is currently receiving over 15,000 unique page views a month with visitors double that of last year.

A combination of the improved Search Facility and the Online Enquiry Form have seen an upsurge in enquiries for members’ services. These have been from across the spectrum with industries such as food and drink, nutraceuticals, personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical and household goods, all needing help to cope with demand brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. The improved navigation and structural design allow prospective customers to create a shortlist from the Association’s 160+ members.

Rodney Steel, chief executive of the BCMPA said: “Since lockdown we have seen a significant growth in outsourcing across every sector. In particular enquiries for personal care items, such as hand sanitisers, rocketed by over 500 per cent and as the Nation returns to work we are now seeing requirements coming in for kitting of back-to-work packs and testing kits.”

With many exhibitions being postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, show organisers are starting to move into virtual or online formats in order to satisfy visitors keen to keep up with the latest trends, and to provide valuable sales routes for their exhibitors. As a consequence, the BCMPA have introduced a new webpage dedicated to Online Events & Webinars, which is anticipated will form an important part of the content of the website in the future.

In the spirit of ‘We’re all in this together’, the BCMPA is also collaborating with other relevant trade bodies and magazines and has developed a new Resources feature on the site which enables visitors to find additional help and information pertaining to their specific projects.

Mr Steel said: “Since we relaunched our website in February 2019, we have embarked on a programme of continuous improvement to ensure it remains both user-friendly and a valuable source of information for our visitors. As we entered lockdown and project enquiries and site traffic began to dramatically increase, this became more important than ever. Further developments will be introduced in the coming months.”