Benefits of Brave Browser


If you think Brave is just your average browser, think again, and think of SPEED, PRIVACY, and CRYPTO!

Brave browser ensures private, ad-free, and seamless browsing. Say your farewell to ads, lags, and privacy issues, for you’ll surely miss them!

Also packed with a browser-native crypto wallet, here are the benefits of the Brave browser.

1. Conserve Data and Battery Life and Optimize Browsing

How’s your experience browsing the web when targeted ads pop up all of a sudden? Did you know that these ads consume more bandwidth and energy from your device’s battery? They even slow the browser’s response time and affect your overall user experience.

The Brave browser blocks these ads and keeps your browsing activities private. Since Brave does not have targeted ads, you’ll use lesser data and battery power. Pages will load faster, so you have an improved overall browsing experience.

As a bonus, Brave’s built-in virtual private network (VPN) provides protection even outside of the browser.

2. Maintain Privacy

Here are the things the Brave browser does to maintain privacy.

Block Cross-Site Tracker

Cross-site trackers – that come from businesses, advertisers, and other individuals for delivering targeted ads – monitor your browsing habits. Disabling these trackers gives advertisers a hard time delivering targeted ads, though you still see many ads.

Cross-site tracking is harmless, but most companies don’t give clear information as to the data they collect. Many believe that cross-site tracking violates privacy because websites practicing this do not get consent from users.

Brave blocks these cross-site trackers, leaving your browsing history private.

Block Fingerprint Scripts

Websites collect personal information using scripts that gather device specifications, operating systems, browser settings, plug-ins, user agents, audio-video capabilities, time zone, and more to form your online fingerprint. They even look like other scripts running the website to gather data.

Don’t be surprised when websites already know your search history, shopping preferences, or the news you watch. Website owners and ad networks do cross-site tracking and share the unique fingerprint that can be traced back to you through the Internet and your browsing activities.

The Brave browser puts an end to all these through its fingerprint blocker.

Protect from Malware, Phishing, and Bounce Tracking

Malware is short for malicious software. They include viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, and adware. Hackers developed them to steal data and damage computers and systems.

Phishing is generally stealing login credentials and credit card numbers, posing as a trusted body. Phishing includes spear phishing, whaling, smishing (SMS), vishing (voice), email phishing, and search engine phishing.

Can you already relax when browser-level privacy protection is in place? Please don’t. Bounce tracking still makes you trackable. It’s a redirect tracking that bypasses privacy defenses and detects people across websites.

Brave safeguards your data and devices from malware, phishing, and bounce tracking.

Gologin, as an alternative browser to Brave, takes a different approach to enhancing privacy. It includes protection mechanisms and other security features that combat tracking without actively changing your browser fingerprint.

Anonymize Network Routing: The Onion Router (Tor) Mode

Brave protects your privacy online by redirecting the web traffic through various routers or Tor (nodes), thus, hiding your IP address and browsing activities. Tor facilitates anonymous communication so you can freely communicate confidentially – like whistleblowers and journalists – on Brave browser.

3. Save Storage for a Lag-Free Web Surfing

Free cookies are good! But when they track your every move and take a lot of your computer storage, it’s a different story.

What’s worse with cookies is that third parties, such as advertisers and the government, can access data that these cookies store containing your personal information. Others use this data for fraud, selling personal information, or hacking online accounts.

Too many cookies also slow down your browser since these cookies are stored in your computer drive, take up space, and result in browser lags. That is why you need to disable third-party cookies or constantly clean your cache.

The Brave browser blocks these cookies, so you’ll be worry-free when visiting any website. Brave keeps your personal information and browsing history private and ensures efficient surfing activities.

4. Provide Advanced Security

Brave lines its browser in three layers of protection to provide advanced security.

  • Brave Shields (the blockers)
  • Advanced Privacy Protection (Chromium customizations)
  • Policies and Practices (non-collection of data, adherence to government standards, and support to the online privacy community)

It proves its claim that Brave has the strongest privacy protections among web browsers.

5. Offer Rewards

Brave uses a tipping system that offers websites and creators some earnings while making their content without risking user privacy. It also rewards users who view the privacy-preserving, first-party ads with BAT in the form of one-time tips or automatic BAT contributions among Brave users.

6. Perform Multiple Asset Transactions with Built-In Crypto Wallet

Brave has a browser-native crypto wallet so users can buy, send, store, and swap assets (and NFTs) on more than a hundred blockchain networks.

Be the Proof!

Still unmoved with Brave browser’s benefits? Download it to prove it!