Best Apps for College Students


College life is often overwhelming, and students always look for ways to make their lives easier. With numerous assignments, projects, and exams to prepare for, it’s vital to have the right tools to keep up with your tasks. Sometimes you get swamped with coursework and feel like, “I need an online homework writing expert to do my assignment for me.”

Fortunately, the digital age has brought a wealth of applications that can help students stay organized, focused, and productive. Whether it’s organizing your schedule, taking notes, studying, or managing finances, there are many apps that college students can use to stay productive and focused. 

This article explores the best apps for college students. Keep reading to discover more.


Keep your ideas organized and your thoughts in check with Evernote! This app is the ultimate note-taking tool to help you stay on top of your academic game. Whether you’re jotting down ideas for your next paper or taking notes to train creative skills, Evernote got you covered.

Moreover, the app allows you to attach documents, images, and audio recordings to your notes.  Use the app to capture photos and scan handwritten notes—you’ll never miss a detail again! You can also share notes seamlessly with other students and collaborate on group projects. Overall, Evernote is essential for college students looking to streamline their workflow and improve their productivity.

My Study Life

My Study Life is a comprehensive study planner app that helps students organize their academic schedules, assignments, and exams. The app allows you to create a personalized schedule for your classes, track homework assignments and due dates, and set reminders for important deadlines.

My Study Life can be useful for college students who have busy schedules and need help keeping track of their coursework and academic obligations. Use this app to stay organized and ensure you meet your academic goals.


Ready to crush your next exam? Quizlet is your secret weapon!  It provides various study tools and features to help you learn and retain information more effectively. With Quizlet, you can create digital flashcards that can be used to review key terms, definitions, and concepts.

The app also includes a variety of study modes, including games, quizzes, and practice tests. You can even create your own study sets or use those other students or educators created.


Take your writing to the next level with Grammarly! This writing app checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation and provides suggestions for improvement. Whether writing assignments, notes, or emails to your professors, the Grammarly app ensures your writing is clear, concise, and error-free. 

Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker to ensure writing is 100% original. Use this app to write like a pro and submit academic papers that meet the highest academic standards!


Always wanted to learn a new language? Duolingo is an exceptional language-learning app that has become popular among university students. With its user-friendly interface and gamified learning approach, Duolingo makes language acquisition fun and effective.

The app has over 100 language courses in more than 40 languages and caters to all proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. Its features include interactive lessons, speaking exercises, and progress tracking.


This productivity app is the ultimate tool for managing tasks and projects. This app can help you create tasks, set due dates, and assign priorities to ensure you’re always on track. For example, you jot down the time to hire an expert to do “my assignments” and note the submission dates. You can also create projects to organize related tasks and keep everything organized.

Professionals and businesses also use Todoist as their task manager and to-do list app. For example, Max Malak—a business manager and AI evangelist—uses Todoist to plan tasks and boost productivity.


MyFitnessPal is an excellent app for college students looking to stay healthy and maintain a balanced diet. It has features such as calorie counting, diet tracking, and a barcode scanner, making monitoring and adjusting eating habits easy. You can also track your exercise, including the type of activity and duration.

The platform has a large database of foods and exercises, making it easy to find and log items you consume or the activities you perform. You can also get support from an online community that uses the app. This app is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while juggling university education demands.


Do you struggle to keep track of your spending and saving? Look no further than Mint! This financial management app is the ultimate tool for staying on top of your money. With Mint, you can link your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts to get a clear picture of your finances in one place.

The app automatically categorizes your transactions, making it easy to see where your money goes. You can also set up budgets, track your bills, e.g., pay for an assignment service, and get personalized financial advice based on your spending habits.

Google Calendar

As a university student, managing your schedule can be a daunting task. You must juggle classes, assignments, exams, extracurricular activities, and social events while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. But with Google Calendar, planning out your time has never been less of a hassle!

Google Calendar is an excellent time-management aid that can be used to keep you on top of your busy calendar. This app lets you quickly create events, set reminders, and schedule tasks for yourself or your team. You can even share your calendar with others, making coordinating schedules and planning meetings easy.


TED is an excellent app for college students looking for inspiration and fresh perspectives on various topics. This app features a vast collection of educational talks from experts in their respective fields, covering everything from technology and science to business and psychology. 

The app’s intuitive interface simplifies browsing and discovering new content, and users can save their favorite talks for later viewing. TED will help you broaden your perspectives and gain valuable insights to help you excel in academics and your career.


Headspace is a popular meditation and mindfulness app designed to help people reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being. It can be useful for college students dealing with the pressures of school and other obligations.

The app offers several meditation categories: stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, and productivity. Each category includes a series of guided meditations and exercises that are tailored to specific needs and goals. 


Freedom is a productivity app that helps users limit distractions by blocking access to certain websites, apps, and other digital distractions. The app allows users to create customized “blocklists” of websites, apps, and other distractions they want to avoid for a set period.

Freedom can be a useful tool for students to focus on their studies and avoid distractions like social media, online games, and other time-wasting websites and apps. 


Feedly is the app to download if you want to keep up with the trends in your field. It is a news aggregator app that allows users to collect and organize content from numerous sources into one convenient location. You can subscribe to your favorite websites and blogs and stay informed of the current news in your industry, says studybay biology expert Henrique Bertulino.

Use Feedly to create custom categories and tags and save articles and other content for later reading. The app can help you build expertise in your subject of interest and stay on top of your coursework and research. 

Final Thoughts

The best apps for college students can help them stay organized, manage their time, and improve their academic performance. Many options are available- from note-taking and study tools to financial management, passive income apps for students and mental health apps.. Utilize these apps to make your college life easier and succeed in your academics.