Businesses must adopt digital into their operations or risk being left behind


With the rise of generative AI technologies witnessed this year, it has become even more obvious that technology is ingrained in our everyday lives. In this environment, businesses are realizing they must adopt digital into their operations – or risk being left behind. This is where Agile teams come in.

This Global Enterprise Agility month is yet another opportunity to highlight why taking an Agile approach to Enterprise Architecture (EA) is such a critical component of guiding effective change in businesses. By identifying and describing the future and current state of the enterprise, as well as providing the most effective path to realizing the enterprise’s objectives, digital enterprises will be more equipped to work together to embrace new technologies and advance operations.

Implementing standards such as The Open Group Open Agile Architecture™ (O-AA) Standard is one-way businesses can do this successfully, as formal coordination is essential to ensure positive holistic outcomes derive from decision making. Showcasing Agile methodologies and its ongoing role as a strategic priority will be key to promoting adoption, which is a key priority for the Forrester EA Awards, presented and co-judged by The Open Group. With Agile becoming a fabric of business – not just something practiced by individual teams – its ongoing adoption will be key to advancing as we dive deeper into the digital age.