Carrefour France makes investments to optimise its supply chain operations


Symphony RetailAI, the leading global provider of AI-enabled revenue growth management solutions and customer-centric insights for retailers and CPG manufacturers across the entire value chain, today announced that Carrefour France has selected Symphony RetailAI’s warehouse replenishment, inventory flow optimisation and supply chain insights solutions to optimise inventory availability across its omnichannel and multi-format business.

The agreement is part of an on-going strategic collaboration between Symphony RetailAI and Carrefour. Carrefour Brazil, an existing client, works with Symphony RetailAI to optimise inventory levels across its warehouses and stores.

“In a highly competitive and ever-changing retail market, more than ever, the supply chain is at the heart of our customer satisfaction and sales performance,” said Franck Noel-Fontana, Procurement Transformation Director, Carrefour France. “The collaboration with Symphony RetailAI will enable us to drive our omni-channel supply chain even more efficiently and improve our service rates, to better serve our distribution network and our customers.”

The Symphony RetailAI solutions selected by Carrefour France will cover three strategic areas:

Warehouse replenishment: Carrefour will rely on the warehouse replenishment solution to optimise inventory levels across its 90 warehouses, which serve both the retail outlets of the brand throughout France (hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail outlets) and its e-commerce activities (drive-through pick up and home delivery).

Inventory flow optimisation: Carrefour will now have the advanced capabilities to model and simulate the flow of goods, to optimise all the parameters (transport, logistics, inventory management, distribution) to maximise end-to-end profitability (service, inventory and costs).

Supply chain insights: Now Carrefour can drive the performance of its supply chain with operational BI functionalities and dashboards providing full visibility on service rates, merchandise flows and inventory levels.

“We’re proud to be part of Carrefour’s effort to optimise its omnichannel strategy and delighted that the retailer has chosen Symphony RetailAI solutions to meet one of the major challenges of retail today: to make the supply chain a central competitive advantage to fully service the customer promise,” said Patrick Buellet, Chief Strategy Officer, Symphony RetailAI.