Columbus Consulting partners with GreyOrange for Innovative Store Platform


Columbus Consulting International entered into a professional services agreement with GreyOrange, a leader in AI-driven fulfillment automation, who recently announced a breakthrough in retail inventory accuracy with its innovative end-to-end store execution and omnichannel retail management solution, gStore.

GreyOrange launched a full store solution that combines the ability to use data from RFID overhead or handheld systems, as well as from planogram-based inventory, to enable real-time replenishment and intelligent workforce tasking. The store operations platform provides 99% inventory accuracy and location precision within three to five feet, allowing retailers to serve customers faster.

According to Columbus Consulting Senior Consultant, Jim Brownell, “Retailers have been looking for a tool to enable store application integration at the item level including location; status tracking, tasking of moves and changes, order fulfillment, omnichannel management, and loss prevention. Leveraging RFID technology is a breakthrough solution to maximize inventory efficiencies that works seamlessly with POS, order management, and security systems while providing a single application interface to store and management personnel.”  The tangible impact of gStore is evidenced by impressive results achieved by some of the world’s largest retailers – a 45% improvement in productivity, a 5% surge in sales, and a 60% increase in daily customer assistance while simultaneously providing workflow guidance to make BOPIS and ship-from-store (SFS) transactions simple and cost-effective.

gStore serves 5 core store needs:

⦁ Inventory management and omnichannel fulfillment with near real-time updates

⦁ Workforce management and intelligent task allocation

⦁ Smart technology integration with fitting rooms, theft detection and point-of-sale, and clienteling for a seamless, secure, and personalized shopping experience

⦁ Store visuals and analytics measuring try/buy ratios

⦁ Merchandising insights and controls (pricing system interface)

“The gStore app provides real-time insights to merchandisers, the corporate office, and leadership, helping them plan precise strategies to drive maximum revenue,” said Pareiya Gupta, Head of gStore – Product & GTM, GreyOrange. “Merchandisers can now see try-to-buy ratios, top-performing categories, and colors, among other things, all in real-time. This helps them determine the optimal placement of assortments on mannequins, displays, and shelves. The unified pricing and promotion function further assists in setting the right tactics for the network of stores, all planned centrally.”

“The gStore technology is groundbreaking, “ Brownell further commented. “Now with Columbus Consulting as a strategy and implementation partner, retailers have a solid must-have Unified Commerce solution and partnership that is ready to go and proven.” Columbus brings over 20 years of industry experience, led by senior leadership veterans who not only understand the value of this innovation, but the end-to-end needs it solves for. Columbus Consulting is prepared to expand the applications of gStore to existing and new clients.