Copado Launches Copado Explorer to Simplify & Streamline Testing on Salesforce


Copado, the leader in DevOps and testing for enterprise SaaS, today launched Copado Explorer, a new tool designed to simplify and streamline testing for Salesforce development teams. Using a groundbreaking approach, Copado Explorer automates a significant part of the testing process while seamlessly integrating into the CI/CD pipeline to ensure that testing is a continuous and collaborative part of the software development process. Copado Explorer represents a significant leap forward in efficient and inclusive exploratory testing for a wide range of users, fundamentally transforming how development teams approach testing in their Salesforce environments.

In today’s fast-paced software development landscape, development and testing teams are dealing with several critical issues. For example, several industry reports have found that upwards of 40% of software projects experience time and cost overruns. Copado Explorer offers an innovative approach to the bottleneck between developers and testers by automatically creating test scripts in the background as manual testers perform their daily activities. These test scripts can then be added to regression suites to compress release cycles, expand test coverage, and allow manual testers to focus on urgent or challenging requests.

“Release quality is a leading driver of risk, cost and speed within the software development life cycle,” said Esko Hannula, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Copado. “Copado Explorer makes it easy to automate the manual testing process, drastically reducing the time and effort typically required in traditional testing methods and improving both release velocity and quality. This launch not only underscores Copado’s commitment to innovation, but also sets a new benchmark in facilitating streamlined, effective, and collaborative software testing.”

Copado Explorer’s simple and intuitive capture and markup capabilities ensure testers with any level of experience can effectively identify and record findings and report them back to developers within Copado’s DevOps platform. With full integration into the Copado DevOps platform, Copado Explorer provides Salesforce developers with the visibility and traceability needed to identify, document and resolve issues faster. This innovative approach ensures that even testers without a technical background can easily contribute to the creation and deployment of effective automated tests.

Integrated annotation and markup tools in Copado Explorer enhance collaboration by allowing non-technical subject matter experts to provide detailed feedback and insights to QA and development teams. This makes testing more inclusive and streamlines communication between QA managers, testers and developers.

“Leaders need to focus on democratizing tester responsibilities,” wrote Diego Lo Giudice, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester in ‘The 12 Must-Dos For Achieving Continuous Software Testing’ (June 2023). “It’s important to give testers and developers a basis for adapting to this new world of testing more easily. Testing technologies need to upgrade significantly and infuse AI to keep up.”

Copado will be showcasing Copado Explorer and the rest of its award-winning DevOps and Testing solutions in booth 17 at Salesforce TrailblazerDX from March 6-7, 2024 in San Francisco.