Cradlepoint partners with Staffline


Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions, has announced a new partnership with Staffline to provide high-speed, flexible solutions for its on-site connectivity needs.

As the UK’s leading recruiter and provider of adult training, Staffline often requires its own dedicated connections for on-site projects with clients around the country. Previously, this has caused delays and frustration as fibre cables can take between 90-100 days to install and would often only be operational after the project was complete. Cradlepoint’s solutions were deployed within ten days of confirming the order and at a cheaper overall cost compared to the wired alternatives. This is due to Cradlepoint’s routers only requiring a one-off cost for implementation of the router, with a low monthly charge for data, similar to a phone contract. Meanwhile, wired alternatives contain a high fixed monthly cost, which also has a minimum contract length of around two years, significantly hindering flexibility of projects that might end early or need to run longer than planned.

Cradlepoint’s Wireless WAN solutions, in the form of NetCloud controlled and managed E300 and E3000 routers which utilise 4G LTE and the latest 5G technology, allow Staffline employees to simply plug in the router and experience connectivity speeds twice as fast as most home fibre broadband. The solutions allow them the flexibility not seen with wired alternatives. For example, being able to move routers between sites when needed, rather than cemented in by fixed contracts, and secure connectivity to complete their projects and provide a high-quality service to their clients, including within modern office blocks that can often provide interference with mobile connectivity.

Speaking on the benefits the partnership has brought to Staffline, Grant Carter, Group IT Service Delivery Director at Staffline, commented, “As market-leading recruitment and adult education provider, Staffline Group has a significant and constantly evolving office footprint across the UK. Traditional ADSL and Fibre connectivity solutions were not meeting the demands of our business and service users, either in terms of performance of the solution or installation lead time.

“In Cradlepoint, we have identified a new connectivity solution that meets all of our needs. Setup lead time is vastly superior. The 4G and 5G functionality allow us to leverage all major network service providers to enjoy high quality, consistent signal coverage to multiple connected users. Additionally, the Cradlepoint solution forms a core component of our managed print services, allowing us to quickly implement cost-effective on-site print services whilst avoiding expensive and invasive peripheral services typically involved with managed print solutions.

“Our experience of working with the Cradlepoint team has been first class, from pre to post-sales, the level of communication and support has been superb.”

Paul McHugh, Area Director UK at Cradlepoint, commented, “We are very excited to be working with Staffline to provide these connectivity solutions through our Wireless WAN services for their on-site teams. As businesses emerge from the pandemic and continue their digital transformation journeys, these types of flexible solutions will become even more vital in ensuring workers can be agile and productive, no matter where they are based.”