Dataiku Named Snowflake’s Partner of the Year 3rd Time in a Row, Now Runs in New Snowpark Container Services


Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, today announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, that it can now run its Everyday AI platform securely in the Data Cloud with Snowpark Container Services (private preview). Snowpark Container Services enable Dataiku to provide an accessible, collaborative, and scalable environment with the Snowflake Data Cloud, unlocking the potential of data, analytics, and AI projects, including generative AI initiatives for customers.

Simultaneously, Dataiku takes pride in being named Snowflake’s Machine Learning/AI Partner of the Year for 2023 for the third consecutive year. This achievement underscores the sustained effectiveness of their partnership, value to customers, and joint commitment to driving forward innovation in the field of AI and ML.

“Dataiku’s commitment to developing and delivering Everyday AI solutions perfectly complements our shared goal of helping our joint customers cultivate a data-driven culture,” said Torsten Grabs, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake. “The seamless integration between Dataiku and Snowflake allows users of varying expertise to construct production-grade data pipelines and data science projects, all on Snowflake’s single, unified platform. Together, we are delivering on the promise of machine learning and AI for customers across all industries.”

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, announced the launch of Snowpark Container Services to expand the scope of Snowpark to help organizations run third-party software and full-stack applications — all within their account. By being able to access and run commercial software and apps like Dataiku directly in their Snowflake account, joint customers can seamlessly enhance the value of their data using cutting-edge tools without moving or compromising its security.

Dataiku is one of multiple organizations that are already using Snowpark Container Services to deliver sophisticated applications. In addition, joint customers can now also run no-code machine learning training in Snowflake powered by the integration with Snowpark ML library (public preview) making Dataiku among the first independent software vendors (ISV) to support no-code, end-to-end data science development using Snowflake compute as its secure runtime engine.

“We are honored to be recognized as Snowflake’s 2023 Machine Learning/AI Partner of the Year for the third consecutive year,” said Abhijit Madhugiri, VP of Global Technology Alliances at Dataiku. “Now, as a design partner for Snowpark Container Services and a partner working closely with Snowpark ML APIs, we’re empowering users to deploy complex logic and no-code machine learning with the ease, scalability, and unified governance of the Snowflake Data Cloud. It’s a key moment that deepens Dataiku’s leadership in AI and ML innovation.”

“Working with Dataiku and Snowflake, Air Canada has found the sweet spot in automating data science projects and putting the trigger of these insight-generating processes into the hands of business stakeholders, freeing up valuable data scientist time to invest in new project development,” said Luc Gagnon, Director of Analytics, Travel Marketing and Loyalty Spend at Air Canada. “Their joint capabilities have expedited our access to insights, enabling us to swiftly act on customer preferences and needs. It’s the power of ‘better together’ in action, shaping superior experiences and deepening our customer relationships.”

In the past year, Dataiku and Snowflake have worked together on several key initiatives, including:

  • Manufacturing Data Cloud Launch Partner: Incorporating enhanced compute performance to benefit shared customers in the manufacturing industry with a joint batch performance optimization solution.
  • Joint Health Care and Life Sciences Solutions: The latest collaborative HCLS initiative includes advanced pharmacovigilance solutions, enhancing drug safety and surveillance for shared customers in these industries.
  • Joint Financial Services Industry Solutions: Most recently, these include powerful AML Alert Triage and Insurance Claims Modeling solutions.
  • Modern Marketing Data Stack: Dataiku is a Data Science & AI leader in Snowflake’s 2022 Modern Marketing Stack, pioneering ways to help CMOs unify data and use the best tool for any task.