Descartes launches mobile driver vehicle safety checks


Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq: DSGX) (TSX:DSG), the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announces that from October 2018, Descartes mobile driver vehicle safety checks will be available as part of its SmartCompliance suite. Transport operators of all sizes will be able to access the Smartcheck Mobile Driver Vehicle Safety Check (DVSC) solution within Smartanalysis to get a complete picture of compliance with tachograph data, driving licence and driver CPC verification. By assuring compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) required walk-around driver vehicle safety checks, Smartcheck will improve safety of commercial fleets and help mitigate roadside prohibitions that occur due to poor roadworthiness.

The cloud-based solution replaces traditional paper-based record keeping with an online walk-around check tool that can be accessed through web-browsers and handheld devices. Smartcheck provides drivers with a guide to perform essential safety checks on vehicles and equipment used on public roads. The solution records the time the check took place and the duration. With the data captured in real-time, transport operators will have the added confidence that checks are conducted effectively. Drivers will be empowered to carry out vehicle checks more easily, quickly and efficiently. Transport Managers will have confidence that the checks actually took place and any reported defects are dealt with.

As an integral part of Descartes’ SmartCompliance portfolio, Smartcheck comes with the ability to produce powerful reporting that turns vehicle check data into useful management information to maintain a compliant transport operation. Transport Managers can access a real-time holistic view of the status of all vehicles within the fleet and generate internal reports of defects and repairs as well as monitoring driver behavior in conducting essential vehicle checks.  

Andrew Tavener, Head of Marketing at Descartes Systems UK (pictured), says: “Conducting effective vehicle checks are essential in maintaining a roadworthy fleet. Historically, checks have been carried out using paper records, which can cause delays and leave more room for error. With real-time data capture and transfer, the need to rekey data is completely eradicated. Descartes’ driver vehicle safety check solution creates an important auditable record of checks and any corrective actions taken to protect drivers and the general public alike.”