Digital Realty Announces the Expansion of ServiceFabric™


Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR), the largest global provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data center, colocation and interconnection solutions, today announced the continued momentum of ServiceFabric™, its service orchestration platform that seamlessly interconnects workflow participants, applications, clouds and ecosystems on PlatformDIGITAL®, its global data center platform.

Following the recent introduction of Service Directory, a central marketplace that allows Digital Realty partners to highlight their offerings, over 70 members have joined the directory and listed more than 100 services, including secure and direct connections to over 200 global cloud on-ramps, creating a vibrant ecosystem for seamless interconnection and collaboration.

Service Directory is a core component of the ServiceFabric™ product family that underpins Digital Realty’s vision for interconnecting global data communities on PlatformDIGITAL® and enabling customers to tackle the challenges of Data Gravity head-on.

Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Realty, said: “ServiceFabric™ is redefining the way customers and partners interact with our global data center platform. By fostering an open and collaborative environment, we’re empowering businesses to build and orchestrate their ideal solutions with unparalleled ease and efficiency.”

The need for an open interconnection and orchestration platform is critical as an enabler for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance compute (HPC), especially as enterprises increasingly deploy private AI applications, which rely on the low latency, private exchange of data between many members of an ecosystem. PlatformDIGITAL® was chosen to be the home of many groundbreaking AI and HPC workloads and ServiceFabric™ was designed with the needs of cutting-edge applications in mind.

A key differentiator is Service Directory’s ‘Click-to-Connect’ capability, which allows customers to orchestrate and automate on-demand connections to the services they need, significantly streamlining workflows and removing manual configuration steps.

 With ‘Click-to-Connect’, ServiceFabric™ users can:

  • Generate secure service keys, granting controlled access to resources and partners with customisable security parameters
  • Automate approval workflows and facilitate connections to Service Directory, paving the way for seamless interconnectivity
  • Initiate service connections, significantly streamlining workflows between partners and customers
  • Integrate seamlessly with Service Directory, creating a unified experience for discovery, connection, and orchestration

Leading companies are embracing the power of ServiceFabric™ Service Directory including:

“We are excited to extend our collaboration with Digital Realty by bringing together the automation capabilities of PlatformDigital® and Console Connect. The availability of Console Connect on the ServiceFabric™ Service Directory provides Digital Realty customers with on-demand access to our full global ecosystem, while enabling Console Connect users to seamlessly interconnect to more Digital Realty locations worldwide. We share Digital Realty’s vision of building a more open and interconnected digital ecosystem.” – Michael Glynn, SVP of Digital Automated Innovation, Console Connect

“ServiceFabric™ Service Directory is a great fit for our global digital infrastructure platform. It can enable our customers and partners to connect faster and more easily via Colt, regardless of their location.” – Mark Hollman, Vice President for Partner Development and Success, Colt Technology Services

“We firmly believe ServiceFabric™ Service Directory has the potential to transform the way businesses connect and consume cloud services. As Fortinet continues to work closely with DigitalRealty to expand its global cloud network of SASE locations, the opportunity to grow our strategic partnership by offering additional Fortinet cloud-delivered security and connectivity solutions as part of an on-demand service will help an even broader number of customers seamlessly secure their business-critical data, devices, and applications.” – Michael Xie, Founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer, Fortinet

“ServiceFabric™ Service Directory provides us with a unique platform to showcase our high-performance compute and automated network solutions to a global audience of Digital Realty customers. We’re confident it will help us expand our reach and accelerate our growth.” – Richard Nicholas, SVP Strategy and Corporate Development, Hivelocity

“Digital Realty’s ServiceFabric™ has emerged as an essential feature of its portfolio. As one of the leading global providers of data center, colocation and interconnection services, Digital Realty enables agile digital infrastructure capability for enterprises and the IT ecosystem. Enabling real time interconnection orchestration among IT partners and vendors is one the most important requirements for customers leveraging colocation facilities. The continued growth and expansion of ServiceFabric is a testament to the relevance of this platform and the vision of Digital Realty.” – Courtney Munroe, RVP, IDC

“With ServiceFabric™ Service Directory, businesses can access and use cloud services in a new and dynamic way. Lumen’s Network-as-a Service solution leverages this platform to deliver on-demand experiences that address the most urgent business needs. We are excited to be part of this innovative platform that transforms the cloud landscape and helps us build on our vision to deliver a frictionless digital experience for our customers.” – Satish Lakshmanan, Lumen Chief Product Officer

“ServiceFabric™ Service Directory aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing hybrid and multi-cloud products that are easy to deploy and use. It’s a valuable tool for our customers and partners” – Lance Weaver, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Private Cloud, Rackspace

“As the cloud leader in emerging markets, the entire Zenlayer team is looking forward to helping Digital Realty customers extend their reach into LATAM, EMEA, and Asia Pacific via ServiceFabric™ and extended customer self-serve enablement through Service Directory.” – Craig Kaplan, SVP of Sales, Zenlayer

Concluded Sharp, “Offering access to a dense and highly connected data community, ServiceFabric™ is poised to become the go-to platform for businesses seeking to build and manage their solutions in an open, secure, and efficient way. We are continuously evolving and expanding our platform to meet the ‘next data exchange’ and evolving traffic patterns driven by hybrid, multi-cloud, and AI-workload solutions.”