Disparity Highlighted by NTT Global Workspace Report


NTT’s latest Global Workplace report has come with some surprises. The disparity it highlighted between what business leaders believe and what their employees actually want is concerning. Whilst 79% of organisations believe their workforce would prefer to work in an office, only 39% of employees say this is the case.

In our new, post-pandemic landscape, businesses need to listen to and accommodate the needs of their employees. Those that fail to do so, risk losing the best talent on the market. The truth is that architecting the future is about more than just where employees are logging on from. Regardless of whether a workforce is remote, in-office or even hybrid, the new workspace exists in the digital realm, and businesses need to prepare for that. There needs to be strategies and solutions in place to support collaboration and productivity in a digital work environment.

For example, work management solutions help employees and teams to interact efficiently, regardless of where they are based. These technologies increase visibility and ensure that tasks are easily accessible for everyone, meaning fewer mistakes, greater consistency and a shared knowledge of what others are working on. It is only through adopting such technologies that a business can support staff, regardless of where they log on from or how they like to work.