Domino Printing Sciences: Driving the Global Migration to 2D barcodes with GS1


Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), the global expert in variable data printing, is proud to support the industry’s transition to 2D barcodes as an innovation sponsor of the GS1 Global Forum 2024. The largest annual GS1 event, which takes place from 19th–22nd February in Brussels and virtually, brings together GS1 member organisations from across the globe to collaborate and discuss common issues and share best practices.

This year’s event will show how GS1 supports the industry in preparing for the global transition from linear (EAN/UPC) barcodes to 2D barcodes, which will see 2D barcodes accepted at point-of-sale (POS) – Sunrise 2027.

Commenting on Domino’s attendance at the GS1 Global Forum, Lee Metters, Global Business Development Director, Domino, says:

“Domino has worked closely with GS1 for more than 20 years to drive the adoption of 2D barcodes across industries; during this time, global businesses have trusted us to provide the necessary sector and technology expertise.

“Today, we are at the forefront of the migration to 2D barcodes at the POS, and we are continuing our strong relationship with GS1 to help businesses realise the potential and ease the transition from concept through to production for all product and packaging types.”

Delegates, including GS1 member organisations, multinational retailers, and brand owners, are invited to visit Domino’s kiosk, to discuss Domino’s latest advances in variable data printing and solutions to support the transition towards 2D barcodes – including a new bottle cap printing solution, developed specifically to support the application of variable data 2D barcodes on labelless PET bottles.

Domino’s experts will be on hand throughout the week to discuss how Domino is helping businesses ease the transition from linear barcodes to 2D barcodes and unlock a range of benefits in smart and intelligent packaging. In addition, Lee Metters, Domino’s Global Business Development Director, will present in two panel discussions focusing on the opportunities available to businesses across sectors.

In the first panel, “What’s Possible in 2024”, taking place on Monday 19th February at 14:30–15:45 (UTC+1), delegates will learn about current and emerging printing technologies for 2D barcodes and witness live demonstrations of “what’s possible” for today’s printers and scanners. Lee will discuss potential future applications for 2D barcodes, Domino’s experience, and how the company can support the application of 2D barcodes in different industries.

The second panel discussion, “How industry is realising the GS1 system”, on Wednesday 21st February at 13:00–13:45 (UTC+1), will see industry experts discuss why they believe the migration to 2D barcodes will be a revolutionary advance for industry’s adoption of GS1 standards. Lee will highlight Domino’s role in helping businesses identify, capture, and share data within global supply chains and reveal how businesses can maximise the opportunity using variable data.

Steven Keddie, Senior Director of AIDC and overseer of the Global 2D Migration standard and technology initiatives, emphasizes the pivotal role of solution providers such as Domino in enabling brands and retailers to harness the full potential of enriched data with 2D barcodes:

“Lee and the dedicated team at Domino quickly grasped the significance of QR codes with GS1 Digital Link structures, recognising their power to facilitate seamless online engagement while retaining the familiar ‘beep’ at the point-of-sale.”

For more information, please visit the website, or get in touch to book an appointment with Domino’s variable data experts.