Essential insight for businesses to help ease the strain of customer returns


Your returns process should be as easy and simple for your business as it is for the customer. As we move into the January returns period, streamline the process through automation while holding onto human customer service options.

Not only can automated returns increase customer satisfaction, but they can also create a quicker and easier returns process for your e-commerce business. Manual processing can take longer and create complications along the way. At a time when you might see more returns than usual due to customers buying others unwanted gifts or the wrong items, both parties want it to be as quick and easy as possible.

The faster you can make the process for the customer, the more likely they will bring you repeat business. Even though they didn’t want the product for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in other products you offer. By making it easier, you create a positive interaction between your brand and the customer, which could lead them to spend more money with you in the future.

Better returns processes can also lead to a reduction in complaints, which can allow you to focus on other areas that might need improvement. Figuring out your return rate and why it’s lower or higher can be much easier with an automated system. This can be something to stay on top of if you know that a quicker process is lowering the rate.