EU launches targets to tackle food wastage – Industry Reaction


Food wastage plans set out today by the European Union is an extremely positive step forward in addressing a critical component of human-generated climate change. Food waste not only puts pressure on valuable resources, but it also contributes to environmental degradation and spotlights social inequalities.

By adopting a circular economy approach, we can design food systems from the outset that eliminate waste and are regenerative in nature – ensuring food security for the long term.

By designing solutions that optimise the entire food system, we can minimise waste at every stage, from production and distribution to consumption and disposal. System change can only be effective with the right incentives, measurement approaches and standards to ensure effective collaboration and innovation that supports nature-led solutions and that’s why today’s strategy is so welcome.

By enabling transparency across the full food system, we can not only optimise supply chain planning solutions to eliminate waste, but help enable the right incentives to encourage the diversification and enrichment of our food supply. By connecting consumers to the nutritional opportunities available in natural systems locally, we not only supporting biodiversity but reducing associated green-house gas emissions and promote the development of healthy communities.

Addressing the world’s food waste issue is not only an ethical imperative but also an opportunity for economic growth and innovation.