Evermile & Tide Join Forces to Transform Delivery for UK Local Businesses


Evermile, the first delivery platform built for local businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with Tide, the UK’s leading business financial platform. This partnership promises to deliver game-changing cost efficiencies and enhanced delivery management for local merchants across the UK, unlocking access to advanced tech and operational capabilities that were only available to larger retailers and eCommerce brands until now.

Local businesses have traditionally struggled to provide an effective delivery service for their customers. Many of these merchants faced a tough choice: rely on in-house drivers or commit to a large delivery provider that does not always cater to their unique needs and requirements. Evermile provides a new option: access to a single delivery platform that can power all their delivery needs, local and nationwide, in a simple, flexible and cost-effective manner, promising a brighter and broader future for local businesses.

Merchants who use the Evermile and Tide platforms together can keep track of operational overheads, while simplifying and optimising delivery options to find the best delivery partner based on availability, price and performance.  The collaboration arrives at a critical time for local businesses, as many look to integrate new technologies into their operations against a backdrop of economic shifts and escalating operational expenses.

Omer Goldschmidt, Co-Founder & CEO at Evermile, said: “Local delivery has become a necessity for local businesses, yet it presents a significant challenge without the right tools and logistics expertise. Our partnership with Tide is the first step in a long-term journey of two companies committed to fueling the growth of smaller, independent businesses. We’re giving them the opportunity to unlock their full growth potential and leverage tech like never before.”

“Together, we’re bringing a new level of clarity and control to these businesses – many of whom have limited time and resources to manage the complex and time-consuming tasks related to delivery operations.”

Chloe Wilson, Partnerships Lead at Tide, said: “At Tide, we’re intimately familiar with the hurdles small business owners encounter daily, especially in managing their finances. In today’s market, managing delivery costs has become a critical concern for many businesses. This partnership with Evermile is a natural extension of our dedication to deliver solutions that ease the financial burdens of our members. It’s a positive move towards giving them more control and financial flexibility.”

Founded in 2022, Evermile is already working with 450 local businesses across the UK. It raised $6m (£4.8m) in seed funding in April 2023 and announced a strategic partnership with Uber Direct at the end of the year.