Exterro Announces Significant Industry Promotion of its Document Review Platform


Exterro Inc. – the industry’s first provider of Legal GRC software, which unifies e-discovery, digital forensics and data privacy to drive successful, defensible outcomes for in-house legal, IT teams, privacy and law enforcement worldwide – today announced, for a limited-time only, a promotion of up to 6 free months and 5 terabytes of data storage of its Review Platform. The promotion coincides with Exterro’s ongoing build out of its Review business unit and updated feature capabilities that are now available to the entire legal ecosystem, including legal service providers, law firms and corporate clients. Furthermore, the promotion of Clay Cocalis to Chief Revenue Officer and the addition of Don McLaughlin, Senior Vice President, Review Software, represents the significant investment the company is placing in Exterro Review to ensure greater market share this year.

The Exterro Review promotion is simple – interested companies can use the Exterro Review product free of charge for up to six months on as much as five terabytes of data. To learn more about Exterro Review and participate in the promotion and/or schedule a demo, please click here.

Available as a stand-alone document review solution or as part of the broader Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite, the Exterro Review module features some of the most advanced AI and machine learning capabilities in the market, including neural machine translation, smart labelling and entity recognition. Exterro Review’s auto-scalable architecture allows it to orchestrate and automate the entire document review process, significantly reducing the time and cost of review while eliminating risks associated with manual intervention required in other tools.

Moreover, Exterro Review’s use of AI allows clients to better analyse datasets by automatically detecting patterns and anomalies. It is suitable for all review use cases (i.e., discovery, breach review, DSAR, FOIA, investigations, etc.) from first-pass review to the most complex multi-year, multifaceted and multi-layered review projects, including second requests. For additional details about the Exterro Review platform and Exterro’s e-discovery suite, please visit here.