Flying High With ANSYS: ANSYS Achieves Aerospace Milestone

From head-up cockpit displays to easier landing gear operations, airplanes are getting safer than ever thanks to ANSYS® (NASDAQ: ANSS) engineering embedded code software. Manufacturers have relied on ANSYS to confidently design, simulate, generate and test embedded code for over 100 qualified aerospace applications – more than any other engineering software company. ANSYS software enables more organizations to reach certification faster and accelerate time to market.

Embedded code is becoming more complex – increasing product complexity and risk. Manufacturers must meet performance targets and comply with industry regulations to ensure critical equipment meets safety standards. Companies are using ANSYS qualified solutions for embedded software to design, simulate, generate and test embedded code for over 100 aerospace applications that have been certified under DO-178B and DO-178C. This standard ensures that safety-critical equipment meets stringent safety criteria and is mandated by government organizations worldwide, including the Federal Aviation Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Civil Aviation Administration of China and Transport Canada.

“No other engineering simulation company comes close to this milestone,” said Eric Bantegnie, vice president of ANSYS’ systems business unit. “By our estimates, there are several thousand aircraft flying with ANSYS SCADE generated code onboard. Customers who leverage ANSYS solutions reap several significant benefits – they meet international standards and speed up the embedded code development process, ultimately reducing the cost for certification. ANSYS also provides all the tools they need to have confidence that the code will perform as expected.”

The applications certified using ANSYS solutions cover aerospace and defense applications from nose to tail, including full authority digital engine control systems, braking and landing gear systems, flight controls, cockpit and head-up displays, power management systems, ground stations and mission systems. Certification can take up to five years when using manual code development methods, from concept phase to certification, for each specific application. ANSYS meets international standards – enabling companies that employ ANSYS qualified embedded software tools to reach certification faster— a two-times speed-up — and reduce overall embedded software development and verification costs by 50 percent.

“We found that when requirements changed during late-stage development, human errors were causing a schedule and cost slip. ANSYS’ model-based design cut down the cost as well as improved product quality,” said Raviraj Shivappa, group vice president of software engineering, Meggitt USA. “We thought we would get back the dollars invested in the toolset on our third project with ANSYS, but we recouped our costs on the first two projects completed.”