Food Service Logistics Selects Slimstock to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency


Food Service Logistics (FSL) has chosen Slimstock as its strategic partner to advance its approach to supply chain planning. As part of the digital initiative, the specialist food distributor will adopt Slimstock’s Award-winning platform, Slim4.

Established in 2022 to supply the food service market, FSL distributes a range of ambient products to coffee stores across the UK.

Rapid Adoption

In the food service sector, where balancing maximised availability and minimised waste is paramount, FSL needed to establish a more robust planning process to support its continued expansion. With the imminent sunset of its existing supply chain technology, FSL seized the opportunity to embrace a more advanced planning platform.

Sudhir Desai, Senior Demand Planning Manager at FSL, explains: “Our operation has gone from strength to strength, but we needed to find a solution that could support our customer’s evolving supply chain requirements.”

Dynamic planning

The Slim4 platform will help automate supply chain workflows, accurately planning promotions, menu changes, and emerging trends at the most granular SKU/location level. Additionally, Slim4 will enable dynamic allocation and replenishment throughout the end-to-end network, delivering better availability while tightly controlling inventory levels and waste.

“Slimstock’s robust implementation process, coupled with its strong industry experience and intuitive Slim4 Platform, has played a pivotal role in helping us to successfully deploy their solution, and to advance our logistics operations” concludes Sudhir Desai.