FourKites Announces Competitive Replacement Program for Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility


Leading supply chain visibility provider FourKites announced today that it has launched a new competitive replacement program for organizations struggling with their current visibility vendors that are not delivering promised results.

The new competitive replacement program, which makes it easy for enterprise customers to switch platforms, includes:

  1. A complimentary supply chain visibility consultation that provides a detailed assessment of a company’s organizational needs and a blueprint for technology adoption.
  2. Financial incentives to transition their visibility platform to FourKites.
  3. Expedited migration services to help customers quickly transition data and carriers.
  4. Free FourKites Academy training access for 1 year to assist users with change management and scalability.
  5. Free entrance to FourKites’ Visibility conference in September, the company’s annual customer event that brings together over 800 global supply chain leaders.

Ongoing supply chain disruptions and volatility have put logistics leaders under unprecedented pressure. According to a recent CNBC survey, more than half of managers surveyed do not expect their supply chain to return to normal until 2024 or later. Supply chain visibility technology is a proven way for companies to predict disruptions that impact their customers; reduce transportation costs and fines; rapidly respond to inventory fluctuations; and support corporate ESG and sustainability initiatives.

“Supply chain visibility is critical to the success of every modern business,” stated Mathew Elenjickal, founder and CEO of FourKites. “But customer needs have evolved as disruptions have become more sustained and widespread. We continue to hear from companies that have outgrown their current vendors and need the actionable insights and data accuracy to drive results and keep their customers happy.”

A recent Gartner report highlighted this market shift, stating, “Not all real-time transportation visibility providers (RTTVP) are able to support complex transportation networks, especially for enterprises that require more support in multiple locations across the globe.”1 The Gartner report, which evaluates vendors in areas such as data quality, coverage and user experience, named FourKites the highest-rated vendor for enterprise use cases.

FourKites tracks over 3 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean and air, ingesting over 150 distinct data points with each geolocation ping. The platform touches over 50% of the Fortune 500, reaching over 200 countries and territories, and in the last 12 months, it has tracked over 62 billion miles. With the largest network of supply chain data on the planet, FourKites is uniquely positioned to provide the deep, contextualized data insights that customers need to remain responsive and agile in the face of ongoing disruption.

“Organizations need more than just dots on a map to make their supply chains work, and they’re increasingly turning to supply chain visibility platforms that can provide end-to-end visibility and predictive insights,” said Fab Brasca, Chief Strategy Officer at FourKites. “Deriving real value from supply chain visibility requires partnership with a company that can provide deep industry knowledge, a genuine understanding of customers’ unique pain points and world-class technology. We continue to invest in our teams and our customer experience to ensure that FourKites remains the provider of choice for the world’s leading brands.”

Companies can learn more about the FourKites competitive replacement program at