FourKites to Host Educational Series on Strategies for Accelerating Value Through Supply Chain Visibility


Leading supply chain visibility provider FourKites will host a three-part educational series, titled “Accelerating Value from Visibility,” showcasing the impact of real-time supply chain visibility across all segments of supply chain operations. The sessions will feature stories from seven industry giants — Dollar Tree, Cardinal Health, Eastman, Bayer, Niagara Bottling, Reynolds Consumer Products and Relex — who will share their success with leveraging visibility to accelerate value for their teams.

According to a recent YouGov survey, supply chain leaders’ top-three challenges are reducing costs, improving the customer experience and expediting delivery times — yet fewer than half are leveraging their supply chain data to inform their strategy, and 14% aren’t using supply chain data at all to make decisions. And while most leaders recognize the importance of connecting disparate supply chain data, the majority are struggling to extract the information they need to make the data-driven decisions that will help them meet strategic objectives.

To help connect those dots, FourKites’ educational series will explore successful customer case studies in three critical areas: achieving cost savings, improving efficiency and collaboration, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Speakers will reveal their strategies for rapid, substantial supply chain improvements, including a 44% reduction in delivery lead time, the elimination of $500 fines per load, and significant improvements in customer satisfaction.

“With any solutions we’re creating, we want to make sure we have the customer at the heart of our strategy,” said Amy Johnson, Director of Logistics Products and Solutions at Cardinal Health. “Secondarily, we’re looking at how we can continue to find operational efficiencies that will allow us to decrease our costs and improve our processes internally. What we’ve seen on our visibility journey with FourKites is that we can achieve both of those simultaneously.”

The “Accelerating Value from Visibility” educational series will include three sessions:

  • Wednesday, December 6, 11-11:45 am CT: “How Retailers Can Solve Their Inventory Puzzle for 2024.” Relex and Dollar Tree will share their holiday shipping secrets and explore the predictions, trends and strategies shaping retail success in the new year.

  • Tuesday, December 12, 11-11:30 am CT: “Transform your Supply Chain with Visibility: Success Stories from 5 Leading Shippers.” Dollar Tree, Reynolds Consumer Products, Niagara Bottling, Eastman and Bayer will discuss how they use supply chain visibility to achieve massive savings, increase employee satisfaction and secure customer loyalty.

  • Thursday, December 14, 11-11:30 am CT: “Connection Without Complexity: How 3 Manufacturers Eliminated Silos to Drive ROI.” Cardinal Health, Eastman and Bayer will highlight how to use visibility data across the complex manufacturing supply chain. Hear how they are breaking down data and operational silos by delivering powerful supply chain insights directly to people who need them in the systems they use daily.

“The industry leaders featured in this series are using real-time visibility to fuel transformation through uncertain times, and reach new heights for their companies,” said FourKites founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal. “These sessions will demonstrate the impact of real-time visibility and help attendees understand the far-reaching benefits their companies stand to gain from digitization.”

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