FRAYT Hits Milestone -15,000 Owner-operator Drivers and Delivery Vehicles


Today, FRAYT, a leading last- and middle mile delivery technology provider, announced a significant growth milestone, reaching a network of 15,000 drivers in over 50 metropolitan locations. This expansion underscores FRAYT’s commitment to providing premium and scalable delivery solutions to businesses across the United States.

“Our growth over the past few years has been phenomenal, and hitting this milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team,” said Luke Denny, Co-founder and CEO of FRAYT. “Our mission has always been to provide unparalleled service, and with our expansive and premium network, we are better equipped than ever.”

In a recent survey, 79% of businesses said last mile delivery is very or extremely important to staying competitive — but less than half (48%) have actually optimized their networks to improve last mile delivery. Accurate capacity planning is a big part of ensuring that optimization. But challenges like inefficiencies, inaccurate or incomplete data, and an overall lack of visibility make it harder to accurately predict the capacity you actually need.

FRAYT’s diverse fleet now boasts over 5,000 vans and more than 500 box trucks, further establishing the company’s ability to meet varying customer demands. This diverse owner-operator fleet is complemented by FRAYT’s innovative batching and routing system, allowing for efficient, streamlined deliveries and outstanding 5-star customer satisfaction.

In addition, FRAYT prides itself on a ‘Direct Driver Contact’ policy, providing customers complete end-to-end visibility with a personal touch and added peace of mind. All drivers in FRAYT’s network are thoroughly vetted and vested, ensuring that only the most professional and committed individuals handle deliveries.

“As we celebrate this milestone, our focus remains on continuous improvement and expansion,” said Jim Waters, Vice President of Marketing. “With each new driver, van, and box truck we’re not just growing in size, we’re enhancing our ability to serve our customers better.”

With the achievement of this milestone, FRAYT is poised to redefine standards in middle- and last mile delivery technology. The company is committed to its mission of providing exceptional drivers and vehicles, and with a steadily growing network, it continues to forge ahead, delivering on its promise of efficient and reliable freight tech solutions.



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