Freshworks Rated Top 25 Private Cloud Company to Work for during COVID-19


Freshworks Inc., the customer and employee engagement software company, was recognised as one of the 25 Highest Rated Private Cloud Computing Companies To Work For in a list released by Battery Ventures, a global investment firm and cloud investor, with data specifically provided by Glassdoor*, the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies. The list highlights the top 25 privately-held B2B cloud-computing companies ranked according to employee satisfaction shared on Glassdoor during the first six months of the pandemic.

The distinction placed Freshworks at number 22 out of all private SaaS companies with employee rankings exceeding Glassdoor averages on important satisfaction indicators.  Freshworks’ overall company rating of 4.2 surpassed the Glassdoor average at 3.5. Similarly, Freshworks’ senior-leadership rating was 4.0, compared to the Glassdoor average of 3.2; while 86% of Freshworks’ employees provided a positive business-outlook rating—indicating the percentage of employees who believe their employer’s business will get better in the next six months— which was considerably higher than the Glassdoor average of 51%.

This is the fourth year Battery has issued a version of its highest-rated cloud companies list, along with a related ranking of the 25 Highest Rated Public Cloud Computing Companies to Work For. The rankings, which this year hinged on how companies are handling issues like remote workforces and the broader economic downturn, highlight the global trend of businesses increasingly turning to the cloud to run critical technology systems and software, instead of using on-premises systems.

The rankings also highlight the potential link between a strong company culture and overall corporate performance and growth, according to Neeraj Agrawal, a Battery general partner who specialises in cloud investing. This year, 10 of the top 25 private companies announced financing rounds during the pandemic (through November 1) worth more than $1.9 billion combined, according to Crunchbase.

“Cloud CEOs have had to stay unbelievably focused, resilient and nimble over the last eight months, working in conditions they likely never expected,” Agrawal said. “The best CEOs are listening to employees and making tough decisions that will continue to move their companies forward. We’re heartened that so many of these B2B companies are surviving and even thriving during Covid, as they’re providing technologies to serve the new pandemic workforce, as well as solutions that are digitising customer businesses faster than ever. Every company that made the list this year should view it as an honor to be included.” A Glassdoor economic research study, as well as other third party studies, show that companies with high employee satisfaction often post stronger financial performance.

“We are honored to be recognised for our continued commitment to our employees, especially during these challenging times,” said Suman Gopalan, CHRO of Freshworks. “The pandemic will eventually pass and we look to emerge stronger than ever with an evolved workplace that continues to focus on our employees. To emerge stronger, together, companies have to remain dedicated to providing a happy environment to their employees. At Freshworks, we pride ourselves in creating that environment, irrespective of where work happens.”

Glassdoor noted that employees at these highly-rated companies commonly mention in online reviews that they enjoy working for mission-driven companies with strong and unique company cultures, employers that promote transparency and companies with experienced senior leaders who regularly and clearly communicate with employees.

Freshworks looks to embrace the standard reflected by many of the Glassdoor reviews of Freshworks such as, “The leaders provide a platform for growth and employees get complete freedom to express themselves when it comes to their work. The company truly cares for its employees from all perspectives. They take employee satisfaction very seriously and make Freshworks a spring board for opportunities and growth”.

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