Give consumers the freedom of choice this Black Friday


Black Friday 2021 will be a delicate balancing act. Engaging with customers in a ‘phygital’ way, such as through Video-Powered Retail, enables in-store staff to advise and convert online customers in ways that isn’t possible in a busy store, or through common digital channels like email and chatbots. Currys PC World, notorious for its early Black Friday deals, is a great example. With 60,000 products available, it’s a complex task to ensure each customer’s unique needs are met. Using Video Powered Retail, Currys has already seen customers spending 36% more, with a 94% average customer feedback rate.

Anyone who’s been to a physical store on Black Friday will know that customer experience is highly impacted, usually in a negative way. By using ‘phygital’ channels, customers can get a personal, uninterrupted experience that ultimately benefits the brand not just in terms of sales, but also in customer satisfaction, creating brand loyalty that lasts longer than Black Friday weekend.