Global first chat GPT-bot for European fintech industry launched by Infobip & LAQO


Global cloud communications platform Infobip and leading digital insurance company LAQO by Croatia insurance became the first to adopt a GPT-enabled digital assistant for customer support in the European fintech industry. Available through WhatsApp, LAQO GPT will offer its clients fast, accessible, and always-on customer support, creating a conversational customer journey to improve the experience and boost satisfaction.

With a strong history of innovation, LAQO wanted to enhance its customer service and provide fast, accessible, and personalised support. In collaboration with Infobip they developed LAQO GPT, which immediately answers to frequently asked questions. The digital assistant is customizable to suit specific customer needs and can handle many customers simultaneously.

In the first phase, LAQO GPT will answer questions about LAQO products, processes, and administrative inquiries in Croatian and English – regardless of time or location, enabling the firm to provide 24/7 customer support. Subsequently, the firm will expand its range of AI-enabled customer processes. WhatsApp remains the primary digital customer communications channel for LAQO. The new WhatsApp digital assistant will help free up customer agents’ time to focus on more complex client queries and issues that require human intervention, further improving the experience. LAQO clients can still contact agents directly through the digital assistant should they need to.

LAQO GPT digital assistant is the result of combining Infobip’s cloud communications platform, Microsoft’s GTP technology and Azure services – alongside integrating WhatsApp. In addition, Bruketa&Zinic&Grey helped train the new digital assistant to provide LAQO’s tone of voice and brand personality.

Ana Zovko, Head of LAQO, said: “Following the introduction of crypto payments and the launch of the LAQO Museum in the metaverse, implementing artificial intelligence was a very logical step for us at LAQO. We have found a way to improve our clients’ customer experience even further and provide them with faster and more personalised support. As a fully digital insurance, we strive for constant availability, regardless of time or location, and GPT will allow us to be there for our clients – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the following stages of development, our clients will be able to talk with digital assistant about the details of customer processes, not just about the offers, just like you would do with any actual person. We thank the Infobip team, with whom we developed the project from start to finish, for their support and implementation.”

Roberto Kutic, COO at Infobip, said: “In the era of conversational everything, two-way conversations are vital across the customer journey. Whether for marketing, sales or support, customers want conversations with a business or brand on their preferred channel. At Infobip, we co-create with our partners and clients to accelerate innovation and develop new solutions that create a richer and more proactive experience. We are fully committed to the development and implementation of artificial intelligence solutions. With our advanced GenAI-enabled Conversational Experience Platform, Experiences, we developed full-blown conversational-insurance support. This has enabled a 24/7, rapid resolution personalized support experience for LAQO’s clients seeking answers to frequently asked questions, improving customer satisfaction, and driving loyalty. It is a completely new phase of customer experience based on conversations.”

Davor Bruketa, Creative Director at Bruketa&Zinic&Grey, said: “With the help of new generation generative artificial intelligence, customers can now enjoy a personalised experience similar to interacting with a human when engaging with brands. This kind of one-on-one communication with millions of people at the same time was never possible before. It’s exciting that this is one of the first examples of a brand character becoming an interlocutor in communication with users.”

Croatian Telekom, a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group and Infobip partner, was part of the solution’s technical delivery.