Heavy Highway Paving: How to Find the Right Contractor?


Highways are well-constructed roads capable of carrying heavy vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, and many other vehicles throughout the year. Despite being built with the best materials, they are liable to damage, wear and tear, faults, and stress.

Pavement failures on highways include cracking, rutting, potholes, and depressions. They are extremely dangerous and responsible for most accidents. Even a minor fault in the paving system should be repaired quickly by engineers to prevent any injuries and stop the further spread of deterioration.

If you have a heavy highway paving project on your hands, you should hire the services of an experienced and efficient highway paving company that has handled similar projects in the past. They will ensure you with their satisfactory results by using suitable materials, methods, and techniques.

Here are some ways of finding the right company and other information you will find helpful, especially if it is your first project of this type.

Difference between a highway and residential pavement

While most people mistakenly think highway and residential pavements are the same, it must be noted they are different in a significant way.

Pavements that engineers layout on highways have between two to three feet on underlying layers, with an eight-inch pavement on top. In contrast, regular pavements usually have about six inches of underlying layers with not more than four inches of paving. Two types of pavement are ideal for highways: flexible and rigid.

What is heavy highway paving?

Heavy highway paving refers to a construction project of a vast scale involving the use of heavy-duty machinery like milling machines, dump trucks, distributor tanks, asphalt compactors, and machine pavers.

Most contractors use asphalt in highway paving projects because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, and safety. It is also environmentally friendly because it takes significantly less energy during the paving process than the other materials.

Common damages to highway pavements

Highway pavements get damaged because of improper surface layer composition, weakness in the base and sub-base, and integration failure between layers. Asphalt hardening, water seepage, and continuous low temperatures cause disintegration, cracking, and instability.

Cracks occur when the surface layer is too thin, with heavy traffic and integration failure between layers. Weak foundation, plastic deformation, and narrow base are all reasons behind sub-base weaknesses.

Types of pavement rehabilitation services

Heavy highway paving rehabilitation services are usually of three types: reclaim, overlay, and mill and pave, and you must know in detail about each of them before handling any project.

Asphalt reclamation

Successful paving contractor companies use the asphalt reclamation process to be highly efficient. During the process, the engineers remove the damaged asphalt layer and mix it with a pre-existing base material, which they apply to the surface. It is cost-effective since it does not require you to purchase a new substance.


In overlays, contractors use a mix of hot asphalt to pave an existing surface. The process is straightforward and quick and provides effective results. However, if the damage or crack of erosion is several inches deep, they might need to add several layers to receive the desired effect.

Mill and pave

Milling and paving is another quick method to restore the damaged highway paving. It is cost-effective because it prevents you from buying new materials.

During the process, the engineers remove the asphalt’s top layer so that it does not disturb the sub-base. Once they have removed the top layer, the engineers place fresh material without increasing the road’s height by even an inch.

How long does the process take?

The specific duration of a highway paving project will depend on the extent of damage, distance to be covered, the machinery involved, layers involved, etc. It is better to ask your paving company about the time in which they can complete the project.

How to find the right contractor for highway paving?

You must choose a paving contractor company with over 60 years of experience in highway pavement construction and repairs since you wouldn’t want to leave any room for errors. You could visit their website and browse the projects they have handled in the past to get an idea about their work.

Before hiring them, you might consider asking them about the duration of the process and whether they would complete it within your budgetary limitations.

These are some things you must know about heavy highway paving, and more so if you are new to the entire process. Once you find an experienced and efficient highway paving company, you can be sure about receiving the best results.