Help to Grow: Digital scheme


Today the government has launched the UK-wide Help to Grow: Digital scheme to help SMEs to learn new skills, reach more customers and boost profits. It aims to provide businesses with discounted accounting and customer management software as well as free online advice on how digital technology can improve their performance.

Paramjit Uppal, founder and CEO of AND Digital said: “SMEs are the backbone of Britain’s economy. We must support them in their post-pandemic recovery which we believe will be powered by digital. Digital innovation has become a huge priority for businesses that want to better understand and engage with customers, as well as drive growth in an increasingly competitive global market. Becoming good at software and data is at the heart of unlocking these opportunities. However, there is a huge skills gap and a very limited availability of skilled people – this is also contributing to the “great resignation”. Our latest research shows that almost three quarters of UK businesses say they need greater data skills – which spans software development, platform, and agile ways of working – to help improve growth. We believe business will need to look at their own overarching tech talent approach, including attracting, growing, and retaining talent if this latest Government scheme is to fulfil its true potential.”