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AnyDesk Cyber Attack

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Apple iOS update

LoanDepot attack: 16.6 million customers’ data stolen

Blue Christmas for retailers as December sales tumble

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The Tech Makeover of Supply Chain Planning

2024 Predictions: Tackling the most complex scenarios facing shippers today

Red Sea crisis – Impact on retailers & supply chains to be more acutely felt in coming weeks

Meeting OFAC’s Call To Action: Combating Illicit Cargo

Insolvencies in England & Wales: Some signs companies are struggling

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

AI affecting up to 40% of jobs warns IMF

Reviving legacy systems sustainably

Safety First: The Role of Advanced Lashing Solutions

FCA data shows ransomware resurgence

Staking Solana: A Closer Look at SOL’s Ecosystem

China claims it has cracked Apple AirDrop’s encryption

NCSC New Guidance for SMEs

Takeaways from the SEC’s X account breach

Fuelling Innovation in Aftermarket

Five transportation industry trends to watch in 2024

How Retailers can Navigate the Returns Dilemma in 2024 & Embrace Sustainability

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The first half of 2024 looks set to be another challenging period for retailers

Ageless innovation

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Red Sea Attacks – Maersk/BP pausing shipments

As Business Risks Escalate, the Case for IT Managed Services Strengthens

Business Network & Supply Chain Trend Predictions for 2024

Joining the dots and being a composer for digital transformation initiatives

Predictions for the role of Additive Manufacturing in 2024

5 Common Data Risks That DSPM Takes Care Of

You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your network

Could AI Transform Santa’s Supply Chain Challenges?

Good companies plan—great companies execute the plan

How Butterfly Valves Optimize Industrial Processes

Shuttles or stackers?

Organisational Intelligence: Driving digitalisation for business development

A Q & A with Steve Chad (pictured)
Customer Engagement Manager at PFU EMEA

5 Tips for Transforming Raw Data Into Stunning Maps

How to Pay Taxes as an American Expat

Manufacturers face complexity of a spare parts boom

How to Embrace AI and Its Role In Channel Businesses

How to Comply with the SEC’s Scope 3 Reporting Mandate, and Gain an Asset in the Process

Worldcoin (WLD): Assessing Its Global Economic Impact

The Role of AI in Cryptocurrency Trading: Challenges

VortexCoin Blockchain Innovation

How Unsecured APIs Can Eat Up Retail Revenue

The hidden costs of voltage variations

Social engineering remains a powerful & ever evolving cyberweapon

Shielding Specialties: A Look At Targeted Protections For Different Industries

AI Predictions For 2024

The Future of Manufacturing: Five Key Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Automation trends: a 12-month forecast

Can the logistics transportation industry thrive by connecting the physical & digital worlds?

All the talent you need is already at your fingertips

Driving Efficiency & Safety: Direct Sameday Partners with Microlise

Combatting Growing Pains within Small Retailers

How intelligent transport systems improve urban mobility

Preparing for Peak Season Precision

Everything You Need to Know About WLP’s Global Freight Summit

Bridging the Digital Divide: The Importance of ERP in Supply Chain Management in the Data-Driven Era

Navigating the Challenges of Peak Season Logistics

The importance of continuous monitoring of the supply chain to reduce fraud & malpractice

Warehouse Automation: A Glossary of Important Terms

Options for sustainable warehouse automation

7 Daily Transportation Management Tasks You Can Automate

What does unpredictable Black Friday demand mean for retailers’ supply chains?

Is it time to switch up your comms system?

Cybersecurity & AI 2024 Predictions

The Trend of Going Green: How to Achieve Energy Efficiency

How can Employers Retain Staff and Minimize Employee Churn

Carbon reduction vs carbon offsetting: Choosing the right route for freight decarbonisation

Powering distributor success with master data management

Shipping Digitization: Solutions for Container Shipping Booking

From Chaos to Control: TMS Systems Simplified

Two things that jump out from the Samsung data breach

Unveiling the Future: Text-to-3D-Model AI Shoe Generation

Store Wars: Return of the Cashier, or The Self-checkout Strikes Back?

Burberry – trading conditions worsen in the second quarter

Enhancing Resilience in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Strategies

Election interference from the NCSC’s annual review

The Rise and Risk of Counterfeit Products

7 Debt Strategies for Real Estate Investors

How logistics software optimizes supply chain operations

Growing Your Travel Brand in the Digital Age

M&S – Excellent first half, but tone of caution may disappoint

Three things to know about forced labour & its implications within the global supply chain

ICO warning on spreadsheets

Regenerating retail

Unlock Cash with Expert Car Wrecking Tips

The Retail Golden Quarter: How to stop supply-chains impacting sales

5 Essential Tips for Dealing with Scrap Yards

5 Best Mold Manufacturing Industry in Germany

Okta third-party breach & the potential repercussions

A Deep Dive into Mobile Proxies for Enhanced Security

The Generative AI revolution is here – but is your cloud network ready to embrace it?

Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Investment Safe: Our Top Tips

Sainsbury’s – another solid performance

Blackfog October Ransomware Report

Love Letter to the Brokers Who Know There Are No Short-Cuts

Business Process Automation: The Silver Bullet for Any Business

How Good is the Banking Sector in India 2023

How CSR can power British manufacturing

Orlando: A Prime Choice for Starting Your Business

A DIY Way of Converting OST to PST Format

Executive order on AI safeguards

Recycle Revolution: How To Increase Recycling Rates With 2D Codes & The GS1 Digital Link

UK business creation and closure: No apocalypse now

Don’t Let The Halloween Gremlins Turn Your Peak Season Into a Zombie

How to Choose an ACP Provider for Tablet Discounts

6 Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation to Your Boss

Unified Platform For Revolutionizing Enterprise Collaboration

BPO vs KPO: Understanding the Key Differences

Controversial UN report claims many international postal services have failed to recover from Covid

UK government’s AI speech

Harnessing the Benefits of Digital Printing in Packaging

Sunak warns of AI dangers

Top Things You Need to Know About Small Business Funding

A snapshot of the UK rubber seals industry

Safety shouldn’t have to wait

Exploring the Power of One Versus the Power of Many

Consumer mobile messaging tech is risky chat

Tips and Tricks to Avail Better TV Packages

Innovations in Vehicle Security: A Century of Advancements

Choosing The Best Bicycle Insurance: Factors To Consider And Things To Look Out For

RagnarLocker ransomware dark web site shutdown

The fight for Christmas shoppers is almost underway

RagnarLocker ransomware dark web site seized

Starting an Online Casino: Supply Chain Management Strategies

How to lead a successful digital transformation project

Rethinking Logistics – The future is phygital

Financial Planning Beyond Traditional Mortgages

5G Connectivity and its Influence on Real-time Gaming

MI5 and Five Eyes warning on China

The Invisible Wall: Building Cybersecurity into Your Business Strategy

Amazon Passkeys Roll Out

UK CPI: a messy, mixed picture with inflation stuck too high

Accelerating time-to-market using digital twin technology

Customer Support and AI: Revolutionizing Service Excellence

How Packaging Influences Consumer Perception And Boosts Sales

Real-time visibility is vital in maintaining Supply Chain resiliency

5 Tips to Educate Employees about Hygiene and Safety at Work

How businesses can tackle digital transformation in the face of economic uncertainty

Maven VCTs launch £40 million fundraise

Assessing the Growth Factors in Options Trading

Chatbots and Customer Service: Enhancing User Experience

Overcoming delays on construction sites with on time deliveries

Jamf Comment: iOS 16.7.1 update

Tech-Driven Talent Hunt: How Digital Tools Are Revolutionizing Employee Search

Steady as she goes. UK economy grows 0.2% in August, as expected

A nasty bug was found in the widely used Linux utility curl…

Transforming Supply Chain Performance & Security – the SI Opportunity

How can the logistics industry unlock its true potential?

Google set passkeys as default sign-in

Steps and Considerations: How to Gift Bitcoin

Shifting left and moving forward

Meta Quest 3’s impact on Supply Chain

Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

Why is Packaging Important?

Automation ROI that puts you conveniently in control

Binary Options: Legal Considerations for Novice Traders

ICO’s ‘Big Brother’ in the workplace

Tesco results – investment in AI is key to maintaining growth

Evolving beyond reaction: Putting AI into NDR

US Government shutdown delayed, but exporters should brace for Christmas disruption

Unleashing the power of Edge IoT and AIoT

Making the right tech choice

Using AI to manage obsolescence

SAP Master Data Management: Solving the Dirty Data Dilemma

Which Business Assets are Covered by Intellectual Property Law?

How To Better Control Spending Among Your Employees

Boosting Your Business’s Productivity: The Best Solutions And Strategies

How UCaaS can power the modern-day workforce

Mercedes introduces biometric payments

Meta AI chatbots – what will come of introducing chatbot personalities?

Why workplaces need to provide remote access solutions in 2023

Are NFTs the Next Catalyst for Gaming?

Safeguarding legacy equipment

Insurance sector eyes easy-to-use technology to digitally transform business

Elevating SAP Support: What makes a superb SAP Support Service?

How to Build an Effective Data Management Software

Crypto Institutional Adoption: Catalysts and Barriers

Why AI-Powered Procurement Must Be Part of Your Talent Strategy

UAE’s Digital Aid Platform launch & the impact of this kind of technology

Decoding the Future: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency Markets

How an Attorney Can Help You Rebuild After an Accident

August’s sales results show shoppers are still suffering from the KamiKwasi budget a year on

UK Retail Sales: consumers spending more but getting less


Inflation moderates again in August, welcome relief for BOE

British Smaller Companies VCTs launch £90 million fundraise

Dear Apple: the iPhone 15 is missing a trick

Navigating the Polycrisis: Turning Supply Chain Challenges into Opportunities

What new features does the iPhone 15 offer to simplify business comms

Top Strategies for Thriving in the World of Franchising

Why it is important to embrace a diverse cloud strategy

US agencies report on deepfakes

7 Ways to Plan Ahead For Potential Business Disasters

How To Legally Protect Your Cryptocurrency Capital

UK Labour Market: some signs of weakness but interest rate screw has further to turn

Exploring the Benefits of Salesforce for Your Business

The 9 Best Strategies to Help You Improve Your Finances

Top Benefits of Using the Hammer Mill Grinder

How SASE redefines enterprise security

Google add AI labels

Is remote work dead?

B&M makes strategic move with Wilko stores deal

Useful Information You Should Know About Online Banking

Boost your coding workflow: The tools to master skills

Is CX ready for AI?

Where does GenAI fit into the Data Analytics Landscape?

Data, data everywhere: The future of AI in logistics transportation

Company business phone system for SMBs

Steps to Successful Online Dating

What is a Blockchain?

Proposed AI governance & regulations ahead of the UK’s AI summit

The five ways Elite distinguishes itself from the crowd in providing modern apprenticeships

Debenham High School cyberattack

Vulnerable educational institutions/UK high school cyber attack

Compliance & Considerations When Managing Chemical & Hazardous Material Warehousing

UK at risk of falling behind on AI regulation

The Benefits of Sustainable Transportation

Warehouse Track and Trace

Starting A Career In The Digital Supply Chain: What You Need To Know

Why Investing In Precious Metals Is A Smart Business Move

How To Install, Enable, & Troubleshoot Bluetooth In Windows 10

The technological treatment for burnout

Tariff vs Tax vs Duty: Understanding Imported Good Costs

Apple Security Issue was reported almost a year ago

What Kind Of Building Would An IT Company Need

Brits spent 4.1% more online in July as rain dampened High Street sales

New SIM, new me

The AI Supply Chain Capabilities You Need Now to Thrive in the Future

Results day data breach

ONS retail results reveal doom and gloom for the sector

ONS Retail Reaction – Consumers now only loyal to low prices

It’s not always malware

Innovating Business Operations: ERP Landscape

The rise of the ‘workcation’

UK high streets are becoming “Waste Lands”

UK to host first Global AI Summit – Beware of regulation monopolisation

Solving Pharma and Medical Supplies Distribution Challenges with Last Mile Technology

Generative AI Has a Lot To Say in the Supply Chain

How process intelligence is your competitive edge in tough markets

Digital Transformation & Automation in Football

Businesses who don’t adopt EV now will get left behind

Is on-demand the future of manufacturing?

Beating Burnout – Arise the transformational IT leader

Norfolk and Suffolk police data breach

Blu-ray blues – are discs about to be wiped out completely?

How to unlock the value of data-driven logistics

How Investing In A Goods Lift Can Save Money And Time

Increasing supply chain security with DevSecOps

Software supply chain: the new Eldorado for hackers

How can UK businesses protect themselves from the growing threat of supply chain cyber-attacks?

11 Essential Types of Infrastructure Projects Needed to Boost Economic Growth in the Philippines

UK economy leaps 0.5% in June, beating expectations

Tips for Becoming a Profitable Binary Options Trader

Managing Inventory And Order Fulfilment For Your Online Store

Why Wilko’s collapse is no surprise

Northern Ireland Police Data Leak – Expert Comment

UK Government raises impact level of cyberattacks in 2023 National Risk Register

The Importance of Digital Best Practice within Public Sector Innovation

Ransomware and Supply Chain Attacks

Addressing Supply Chain Security Compliance Obligations

Evolution of Logistics: How Digital Transformation is Shaping the Industry

Next – upgraded profit guidance

How can technology help companies adapt to continual costs rises

How Yellow’s bankruptcy puts pressure on businesses

Instagram add labels for AI content

Tempur Sealy Cyberattack

Best practices for growing your buyers’ network during times of disruption

Secure your supply chain to save your business

Safety First for Staff Welfare and Competitive Differentiation

4 Must Haves For A New Small Business

Summer’s fashion fail: is sales slump due to returns crackdown or have designers lost their flair?

BRC figures show inflation is easing, but are they?

The different delivery requirements across age groups – what to know

The White House has unveiled a new national cyber workforce strategy

Apple App Store APIs on fingerprinting

New SEC Rules Require U.S. Companies to Reveal Cyber Attacks Within 4 Days

Helping Customers Optimise and Secure Digital Transformation

Enjoy a Flawless Commercial Site with OVHcloud

Better ROI for IT projects: 5 Ways to Improve It

Managing risks to the supply chain with enhanced resilience

Modular working in R&D labs

5 Ways Data Modeling Can Improve Your Telecoms Business

Five steps to harness the true power of data

How the Facebook Ads Reporting System Works

From telcos to techco

Retail sales rise 0.7% in June

How To Manage Expanding Your Market Internationally?

How AI is Transforming the Writing Industry

The Fundamental Guide to Medicare Parts A, B and C

New Ada Lovelace report: Regulating AI in the UK

Near-sourcing drives need for flexible space

How AI Transforms your writing Skills

A Quick Guide to Fleet Security: Ensuring the Safety of Your Vehicles and Assets

What Is Crypto Regulation?

Why FMCG supply chains are all about balance

5 Compelling Reasons to Earn a Marketing Degree In 2023

Why Is Cyber Security Important In Today’s Workplace?

How to Improve Your Supply Chain and Distribution

New CVSS 4.0 scoring system

Burberry – a good start to the year

GitHub’s passkey rollout

Apple RSR re-release

Hotel Management Made Simple: 7 Tips To Follow

Businesses must adopt digital into their operations or risk being left behind

4 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business Operations

Top 8 Ways To Improve Your Business

An Overview: Trading Oil Derivatives

How ICON (ICX) is Transforming Traditional Industries

How Storj Is Revolutionizing the Sharing Economy

How to select the right business phone service

Cyber security: prevention is better than cure

15 Must-Have Tips for Building Your Digital Product Studio

How to Install LED Parking Lot Lights: 8 Helpful Tips

A Quick Guide to Self-employed and Freelancer Tax Deductions

How can we bridge the digital divide?

BDO shows retail sales aren’t keeping up with inflation

EU launches targets to tackle food wastage – Industry Reaction

The Connection Between Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation and Retail Success

How IoT can help the retail industry achieve Net Zero

Should You Design Your Own Website? 4 Reasons Why You Should Call in the Professionals

Sainsbury’s sales up 9.8% – helped by Nectar Prices

Why You Should Consider Customer Support Outsourcing

Utilizing Dedicated Freight: Securing Consistent, Realistic Income

Additive vs. traditional manufacturing

Revolutionise Your Business: How Technology Can Take You to the Next Level

House of Lords Communications & the Digital Committee report

Why Europe’s driver shortage isn’t just a personnel problem

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to S/4HANA

Are You Prepared for the 2D Code Sunrise?

The Integral Role of IT in Modern Supply Chain Management

Top Three Trade Secrets for Posting Parcels to the USA for 4 July

UK Government finds no drop in productivity from hybrid working, but how can we boost it?

GDPR – the benchmark for a global privacy framework

How To Easily Increase Safety At The Workplace

Leveraging Mobile Voice Recognition Technology to Safeguard Mental Health Services

Unlocking Efficiency with AI: Streamlining Supply Chain Processes

How is AI facilitating better business comms?

Consumer optimism despite inflation encourages competition

How to Read and Understand Loan Terms and Conditions

What Is Blockchain And How To Take Advantage Of It

What Should You Look For When Buying A Business?

7 Ways to Drive Sales and Increase Profit in the Manufacturing Industry

IT & Business: A Symbiotic Relationship

France’s transatlantic sail-powered cargo revolution should put the wind up Brits

5 Steps to Achieve Warehouse Picking Optimizations That Save Time and Money

FBS Trading Review: Is the Global Broker Legit?

Why cloud connectivity doesn’t have to be complicated

Everything you need to know about full fibre

How can SPs keep their youngest customers happy?

Grocery inflation has eased to its slowest rate

Fulfilling Gen-Z’s demand for flexibility needn’t come at the cost of engagement

6 Steps to Stellar Customer Service

US Energy Dept. and others affected by MOVEit security flaw

How to improve budget management during software development

EU Parliament is right to regulate AI to ease anxiety

Drone Technology: How First Responders Are Empowered by it

Supply Chain Forecasting: 7 Methods to Increase Business Visibility

Navigating Recessionary Budget Pressures on IT Departments

The affordability gap in Britain’s broadband market

The future of data roaming

The Labelless Dilemma: Managing Product Marking for Labelless PET Bottles

MOVEit hack: Ofcom latest confirmed victim – key learnings

Building A Results-Oriented Culture: 4 Strategies For A Goal-Driven Logistics Business

Christmas peak has not been cancelled

Six key aspects of Fully Governed Secure Remote Access

How A Cyber Attack Could Affect Warehouse Managers

The online shopping setback – Digital sales at their lowest levels since before the pandemic

Controlling harmonics in cathodic protection systems

How Nearshoring IT Services Gives You Access to Top Talent

GoTo comments on AI fearmongering

BA/Boots Data Breach – Expert Comment

Creativity & collaboration: How the food industry is bouncing back following years of disruptions

Supply chain managers are now key influencers

The Ethical AI Imperative

The tech sector needs to stand up & take action to protect the Earth

3 SEO-Boosting Techniques for Driving More Organic Traffic to Your Company’s Website

How To Boost My Online Directory Business: 6 Tips

OpenAI to fight AI hallucinations

Rising pressure to ditch the PSTN

Investing With Little Money: Here Are 5 Best Options For You

Most Pervasive Cyber Threats SMBs Should Know in 2023

Could mobile robots offer a way through the skills shortage?

How do chemical manufacturers avoid the nightmare cyberattack scenario?

Invigorating the UK’s Robotic Investment

Top 10 Software Development Companies In Reston, Virginia

Best Image Upscaling Apps

Pay Gap Transparency: Equality and Pay in the Workplace

Finding the light: supply chain scrutiny in 2023

The Transformation of Supply Chain Finance in the Era of Digitalisation

Tips to Streamline Your Supply Chain

Ten Top Tips For A Successful Cloud Migration

How To Bring About More Automation In Customer Support Centres

The most dangerous industries to work in

A Brief Guide To Defence Supply Chain Management

The Time For Supply Chain Visibility Is Now: Where Retail Can Succeed

How to Address a No Demand Inventory Problem

Vauxhall-maker warns Brexit may force it to close UK factory

Why Startups Focus on Supply Chains & Cash Flow

Implementing Effective Compliance and Risk Mitigation Measures

Keeping construction connected

Developing Sustainable Solutions Through Collaboration

World Telecoms Day: how can we bridge the digital divide?

Building the Business Case for Satellite IoT

VeChain: The Blockchain for Supply Chain Management

Benefits of Big Data in the Supply Chain

How the public sector can embrace Zero Trust

The Risk of IT Business as Usual

EU Vote Against Facial Recognition Amplifies Trust Debate

eKYC — the telecoms context

Understanding business networks & how they are transforming supply chains

A look at some of the best EV tyres on the market

Proven Strategies to Boost Your Building Company’s Online Visibility

Retail sales see 5.1% spike, volumes remain low as inflation grips UK

Anti-Ransomware Day

How Low-Code & No-Code Platforms Will Revolutionize DevOps

Top IT Advancements Businesses Should Use to Improve Their Operations

How to be your own data security expert in the absence of 2FA

How Supply Chain Leaders Can Make Sense of Data Complexity

How To Make More Money Through Online Trading

What bank holiday time off means for businesses

How machine builders can help manufacturers protect against cyber hacks

SMSFs And Estate Planning: Ensuring Your Legacy Lives On

10am Monday is now peak online shopping! Are we all cyberslacking?

Samsung how do you solve a problem like ChatGPT – ban it?

Transforming warehouse operations with robots

HMV to reopen flagship store on Oxford Street

Protecting manufacturing’s invisible links

Streamlining IT management – how to do more with less

The psychological impact of phishing attacks on your employees

The 4 Widgets Every Website Developer Needs To Know About

New Uses for the Humble Shipping Containers

Six Fast and Simple Ways to Work With PDFs

Managing without micromanaging

NHS strikes continue as stalemate looms ever larger

Tips for buying a new vehicle

The Importance of Investing in EDR for SMEs

Picking mobile robots for the retail challenge

Navigating the Legal Landscape of International Trade

5 things shaking up business travel & how to prepare

As inflation bites, retailers must find their efficiencies

Five ways to build sustainability into your existing IT strategy

Mitigating Supply Chain Risks In The Property Construction Sector

Data Protection & The Digital Information Bill

Do Managed Services Benefit Small Businesses?

How to Check if Your Cron Job is Running Smoothly

Boiling point reached as strategy quickly turns from benefit to risk

Inflation Reaction: Stick to the essentials

6 Simple Tips To Effectively Train Your Staff

Managing the perennial problem of returns

FDA to Hold “Healthy” Food to a Higher Standard

Four Simple Sustainability Tips For Your Business

Hackers steal data from charities & community organisations

How Do IoT Devices Communicate With Each Other?

The Power of Historical Data & Backtesting Your Investment Portfolio

6 Best Tools We Recommend For Digital Marketing in 2023

Don’t Fall for These IT Supply Chain Myths

How Retailers Can Survive & Thrive using Data Analytics

HR Company SD Worx shut down due to cyber attack – not all attacks are ransomware

Bringing embedded connectivity to the travel industry

Make Your Business Easier: Discover The Best CRM Software

How Global Supply Chain Disruptions are Impacting School Nutrition

Are you ready to welcome an AI teammate to your team?

Boost Your Website’s SEO with High-Quality Dofollow Backlinks

How Ethical Supply Chain Governance Can Help Businesses?

What Is Ethereum, and Is It Investment Worthy?

New hand luggage rules from today to greatly improve experience for business travellers

Fighting Food Waste in Retail with 2D codes

What is Supply Chain Efficiency & How Can Retailers Improve it?

Tech Leader’s Call For AI ‘Pause’ Over Risks To Humanity

8 Ways To Optimise Supply Chain Process

Effects of Technology on Sports

What will replace my FTTC connection?

3CX supply chain attack potentially targets Macs

Why the automotive industry needs unloading standardisation

3 Predictions for Supply Chains in 2023

Creating Valuable Partnerships

Travel Safety for Students: What’s Important to Know?

The benefits of a relational database versus a historian database

Supply bottlenecks threaten European & US sustainability goals

Multi-Client Warehousing Solutions to Help Address Space Shortage

Greener solutions for warehousing and logistics

Food inflation at record high of 15 percent

Tackling inflationary pressures for business through IT cost optimisation

Why shifting from project to product management is critical

Optimizing Warehouse Space: 5 Strategies & Insights

What You Need to Know About the Future of Identity Verification

Understanding the Importance of Workplace Hygiene

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