Honeywell SwiftDecoder software upgrades improve performance & help enhance end-user experience


Honeywell recently made a series of upgrades and updates to its popular SwiftDecoder software development kit (SDK) suite, enabling retail stores, distribution centers, healthcare facilities and other businesses to read and decode an extensive range of barcodes.

Used by developers, independent software vendors and other original equipment manufacturers around the world, SwiftDecoder is the leading software decoder engine in the industry, enabling these businesses to develop native or hybrid applications that perform barcode decoding, allowing them to acquire data quickly and reliably in the most complex workflows. The software is based on proprietary, field proven algorithms which enable best in class speed, performance, range and accuracy with support for more than 100 barcode symbologies.

The SwiftDecoder 5.3 release improves the performance and compatibility with the newest versions of Android, better licensing and inter-operability with the underlying cloud infrastructure, higher and more secure application access and other updates, enhancing the overall end-user experience.

These improvements enable barcode decoding application deployed on any type of devices, to perform advanced image processing, allowing to read low-contrast, damaged and difficult to read barcodes. This results in overall increased productivity, improved workflow and reduced waste in any type of working environments.

“Customers that build barcode applications need a comprehensive set of reliable and performing tools, backed by extensive barcode symbology support and most importantly, reliable and prompt technical support,” said Lori Haggart, GM of Honeywell’s Advanced Sensing Technology business. “Through customer feedback, we were able to optimize our software to ensure the accuracy, speed, compatibility and security they need to be productive.”

The embedded performance and accuracy reading barcode applications built using SwiftDecoder has been valued by customers and that translated into increased productivity, lower waste and reduce repetitive reading or back tracing.

Honeywell is a global leader in barcode scanning with more than 45 years of experience helping customers create efficiencies, increase productivity and enhance customer experience across a wide variety of industries. The company continues to collaborate with customers around the globe to deliver new technologies that help transform fundamental business processes.