House of Lords Communications & the Digital Committee report


The latest report by the Lords Communications and Digital Committee highlights a potentially serious shortfall when it comes to digital skills. If ignored, this will likely derail Rishi Sunak’s ambitious plan for the UK to become the centre of AI regulation internationally.

The rollout of AI across various sectors without an adequately prepared workforce has the potential to stifle innovation and limit businesses’ ability to leverage the technology to its potential. If the UK government is to realise its dream of becoming a leader in the great AI revolution and boost economic growth, it will need to plug the AI skills gap.

In spite of the report’s findings – and the current skills gap – the UK is in a unique position to play a key role in preparing the workforce to work alongside this next-generation technology. As home to some of the best universities and tech start-ups in the world, we can take a leadership role when it comes to encouraging digital inclusion. We must work together to close the AI skills gap with training, reskilling, and early AI education to prepare future generations to take on the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.