How businesses can protect themselves against rising ransomware attacks


The news from GCHQ surrounding the increasing threat posed by ransomware attacks is a crucial reminder of the changing nature of the threat landscape. Our recent research revealed a surge in ransomware threats related to the REvil/Sodinokibi family in Q2 2021, with these types of attacks accounting for 73% of detections. The research also revealed that the most targeted sector by ransomware was Government, followed by Telecom, Energy, and Media & Communications.

To get ahead of adversaries, organisations should use threat intelligence to predict and prioritise potential threats before pre-emptively adapting their defensive countermeasures, ensuring optimised security and future business resilience. By deploying a strategy that blends both Zero Trust and SASE approaches, enterprises can also be more confident knowing that they have the necessary barriers in place to protect against sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Ultimately, as cybercriminals adapt their methods to target the most sensitive data and services, organisations must shore up their defences to mitigate further threats. By improving their cybersecurity measures, organisations can rest easy knowing they have taken the correct steps to protect themselves and their workforce from ransomware attacks.