How IoT can help the retail industry achieve Net Zero


Net Zero Week is a fantastic opportunity for the retail industry to examine how it can be more sustainable, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology holds the key to this. With IoT, we can look to reimagine the current retail development model by revitalising existing physical infrastructure.

By utilising connected IoT devices for precise stock monitoring, geolocation, and replenishment, we can turn existing stores into ultra-efficient local fulfilment centres for e-commerce orders. Then, by virtualising inventories, we can link these stores to online retailing, to provide real-time information on the nearest store and product availability for every online order. This creates connected networks of digitised stores that enable ‘local e-commerce’, where online products are delivered in under an hour from a store no further than a few miles away.

With reduced demand for new infrastructure, the retail sector can drastically cut its value chain emissions, saving millions of tons of CO2 every year. Innovative, IoT powered solutions like these truly hold the key to the retail industry’s Net Zero ambitions.