How Supply Chain & Manufacturing Companies Are Engaging Their Hourly Employees with TeamSense


The world we live in is connected to everything in a unique and symbiotic way. Think about the human body, for example, it can not function without every organ. Some people like to think that the brain is the main organ or the heart, but there is no main organ. There is only the whole complete system that depends on each part to do its job, like a cog in a machine. The whole world functions like this being dependent on the world supply chain and manufacturing companies.

It is easy to imagine how important these companies are by imaging the world without them. When a major company gets shut down, it creates a domino effect on the entire system. When these companies run smoothly, wonders and improvements to the world are made. TeamSense brings improvements to these integral parts of the economy.

What is TeamSense?

TeamSense is a text-based tool used by employers to have better communication with employees. In a world that is headed only towards apps and corporate emails, TeamSense saw an opportunity to give a much simpler solution to employee communication. Most of the tech companies always hurdle to be in touch with the latest tech, and not everyone can keep up. In many scenarios, simpler solutions are much better than making something new just so it can be new.

Think of it as many of the new so-called smart devices that are actually not so smart. Why would you want to make something as simple as a blender complicated with an app? The same analogy is right here where TeamSense thinks about the people who will use the app.

Most hourly employees do not have access to the corporate apps and emails that some companies require. Even when they get access, it is always starting from scratch to learn how to use it just for communication. 

The founders

People behind TeamSense are Sheila Stafford (CEO), Alison Teegarden (COO), and Jeremy Wadsack (CTO). Sheila Stafford studied mechanical engineering at Duke University, which gave her excellent critical and analytical thinking capabilities. These skills are essential for every entrepreneur, which she combined with management by attending the University of Notre Dame. 

Alison Teegarden studied chemistry at Stanford University, which offered again an irreplaceable way of thinking that only chemists have.

All they needed was the additional software engineering skills that Jeremy Wadsack brought to the table. Having studied physics, Jeremy was the perfect piece to complete the puzzle. The trio knew that they were on the mission to enable deskless employees and management to stay engaged. This is where true innovation is born, from combining different people. When different people with different knowledge combine, they bring great results.

TeamSense technology

The technology is pretty simple in nature yet so delicate. Almost everyone has a phone these days, and everyone thus must have simple text messaging on it. The company that utilizes TeamSense can create custom messages they want to send to their employees. The message can be anything from OT sign-up to congratulating the team for their hard work and effort.

The employee can answer through text or multiple-choice options. Employees can also send texts seeking information or anything else relevant to the company. Using this TeamSense technology requires access to the internet. The technology is app-free, email-free, and doesn’t require a login or password. It uses technology similar to two-factor authentication.

Other pros

TeamSense uses encryption to make sure that the messages stay private. This kind of protection is essential in today’s world filled with malware attacks. The messages do not need to be in English, because TeamSense is also adaptable to other languages such as Spanish, Vietnamese, and Haitian Creole. 

Collecting feedback

All good employers should hear the voices of their hourly employees. TeamSense has a great option for conducting fast and anonymous surveys. These surveys serve to collect feedback that is always valuable for making a better working environment. There are different types of surveys you can conduct ranging from longer and more in-depth to shorter ones.

New hire surveys are especially important to see how your new employees are doing. New employees usually hesitate to say things out loud due to fear. With this type of engagement, they are more likely to speak out.

Showing care

One of the reasons why TeamSense was developed was to help better deal with the current pandemic. Employers needed a simple way to track symptoms, exposures, and be notified of absences. Caring employers implement this simple way of text-based communication to connect with their teams. With simple communication, they can keep better track of their employees.

Not only is this important for physical health but also overall engagement. Hourly employees also need to stay in contact with employers to improve retention. For example, this kind of communication is great for letting your employees know they are doing a great job.


The best way of showing how TeamSense technology engages with their hourly employees is by letting you hear it directly from our customers. Beaver Aerospace and Defense is one of the companies integral working for the Pentagon. Imagine how stressful it is to have such an important job with only the highest expectations. 

Imagine that and how valuable are words from such a company when saying something is useful. No longer did they need to rely on some guard’s reports to track employees’ symptoms and attendance. It was all neatly delivered by TeamSense. Another case study that proves how useful TeamSense is is Dimar manufacturing. 

Woman in White and Black Striped Crew Neck Shirt Holding Black Smartphone

It is always important to look forward and be open to scientific and technological advancements. But sometimes, the solutions were there all along, hiding in plain sights, like texting. Knowing the history and what people prefer to use is always a powerful tool. It is a tool that the trio at TeamSense knows how to use and give robust solutions.

TeamSense has proved as a company that puts the employees’ needs as a priority. This is how they managed to make such a fine technology and implement it to a bigger audience. Only a team with such diverse knowledge can bring such powerful solutions that yield results. It is very exciting to see what will become of TeamSense and technology in the future.