How the Facebook Ads Reporting System Works


Everybody knows about Facebook, but do they know how to make the most of Facebook advertising?

Online marketing is a huge part of modern media campaigns for any business. Thanks to various solutions offered by the biggest online platforms, digital marketing has become infinitely easier for companies internationally.

One of the biggest issues that digital advertisers might have is not receiving the necessary feedback. While it is much easier to construct an elaborate marketing campaign these days for one of the most popular platforms like Facebook, it is no good if you are unable to gather the necessary data from it. This is why it is advised to load Facebook Ads to BigQuery to receive the full breakdown of your data.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Many vendors choose Facebook for advertising because of many reasons:

  • Reaching your target audience efficiently;
  • Reaching more people than with organic advertising;
  • Customizing your ads easily, etc.

Facebook Ads have numerous advantages for advertisers and viewers alike. Facebook Ads Reporting is a specialized tool created for managing your adverts on this social media platform and gathering all the important data that comes with your marketing campaign. There is an interface with many options, such as creating ads reports, sorting your data, exporting it, and more.

While this is a useful tool that allows looking behind the scenes of a virtual advertising campaign, its features are still rather limited. They might be helpful at first, but more in-depth analysis and sorting are needed for achieving maximum efficiency for your ads in the future. This is why many businesses choose to connect Facebook Ads to other services, such as BigQuery. There is simply more functionality and feedback than Facebook Ads Reporting offers currently.

Getting the most from your ads data is key to designing a powerful advertising campaign that will benefit your company immensely. Try connecting to BigQuery for deep data analysis and expanded functionality.

If you want to connect Facebook Ads to different data warehouses quickly and seamlessly, the best option is to do this automatically with a third-party solution like