HR Company SD Worx shut down due to cyber attack – not all attacks are ransomware


Following the recent news story of European HR and Payroll management company SD Worx being forced to shut down their IT infrastructure which supports UK payroll and HR services due to a cyberattack, Trevor Dearing, Director of Critical Infrastructure Solutions, at Illumio had the following to say.

“This is another example of why breach containment is now paramount. It’s good that SD Worx has acted fast and taken proactive steps to contain the attack, however, we need to get to a scenario where we can contain attacks quicker, and in a smaller area without taking systems offline. This means automatically blocking all unnecessary connections and protocols especially to sensitive applications like payroll.

“It’s also a reminder to all companies that not all attacks are ransomware. Attackers still have a vested interest in stealing sensitive data which is a commodity on dark web markets and can be used to fuel more targeted attacks, blackmail, and fraud.”