ibi and ASG integrate data management & data intelligence to fuel data-driven business decisions


Information Builders, Inc. (ibi), a leading end-to-end data and analytics company, and ASG Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise, today announced a partnership aimed at providing the highest levels of confidence in data to meet regulatory requirements and support informed business decisions.

To empower organizations to achieve their governance and business intelligence (BI) goals, ibi and ASG are integrating ibi’s data and analytics products with ASG’s Data Intelligence solution. The combination of data management from ibi with ASG’s Data Intelligence will ensure businesses have solid data inventory, data lineage, data quality, and analytics capabilities. The combined solution will use reports, dashboards, and lineage graphics to trace data and measure quality based on multiple dimensions over time.

“Data governance and compliance programs require an understanding of what information is available, who uses it, where it comes from, and how systems process it. In addition, data trust, lineage, and rule management are critical as data is accessed, transformed, and analyzed,” said Brian Doheny, senior vice president, Global Sales and Channel at ibi. “The integrated solution will leverage data quality and data lineage to provide the level of trust in data that organizations require to make the most informed decisions.”

The technology integration will deliver key business metrics and data lineage in dashboards and reports, ensuring accuracy and data traceability, while providing meaningful business analytics that immediately identify necessary action.

The ibi data and analytics platform provides a complete data management solution with the ability to consolidate, reconcile, cleanse, master, and analyze data regardless of its origin or format. ASG Data Intelligence™ provides market-leading data inventory and lineage capabilities tracing data from its origin. ASG traces “hops” from source to target and allows you to create and govern connections or “stitches” where gaps exist.

“Organizations need to be agile enough to quickly and effectively access and analyze data from inside and outside the organization to maximize insights for competitive advantage. Capturing that data properly from diverse data sources and developing insights via analytics are parts of the equation, but the other challenge is managing the data to ensure its veracity,” said Wayne Monk, senior vice president, Global Alliances and Channel Sales, ASG. “The combination of ASG’s Data Intelligence with ibi’s data and analytics platform allows organizations to get the most comprehensive information and trusted data to achieve this goal.”

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