Implications of the UK Government’s rail network pledge of £7.6million


This week, the UK Government announced it has pledged £7.6million towards improving the UK’s rail network. This announcement will come as welcome news to retailers who are looking for ways to navigate around the ocean and over-the-road supply disruption, as rail freight looks set to continue on its upwards trajectory.

It’s great to see the UK government continue its support for improving the UK’s rail infrastructure. With congestion at various ports across the globe continuing to delay the supply of certain goods to Britain, we can expect more companies – such as Tesco – to turn to rail freight for reliable, efficient and sustainable supply of consumer goods.

The right tools need to be in place to facilitate the UK’s transition to rail freight, considering the wider European rail network when it comes to the transportation of goods to and from Britain. Yet, this is challenging considering that the continent’s rail network was developed centuries ago and was not built for the cross-border trade required today. End-to-end supply chain visibility is the answer, with technologies able to consolidate data from the various rail networks across Europe to enable seamless freight. Only with this level of insight will UK companies maximise on-time deliveries via rail freight, mitigate bottlenecks and reduce costs.