Industry leaders gather to deliver keynote speeches at Talking Industry LIVE


The inaugural Talking Industry LIVE (25th April 2023) keynote address at The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, will be an interactive, engaging and informal podcast style discussion by Mike Hague-Morgan, Executive Director of Autocraft Solutions Group, and Dr Megan Ronayne, Head of Industrial Technologies & Manufacturing at Innovate UK KTN.

Together they will explore how one of Europe’s leading OEM partners for the manufacture, remanufacture and assembly of IC engines and EV batteries transitioned from being a very traditional manufacturer using hand tools and a paper system, to a high-technology company with world-class quality, repeatability and digital traceability which has been the catalyst for such rapid growth from £7m to £70m turnover.

Innovate UK’s innovation ecosystem, including Innovate UK KTN and the Catapult Network played a vital role in the digital journey of Autocraft Solutions Group. Mike and Megan will explore how Innovate UK provided this leading powertrain manufacturing partner with collaboration, funding, and vision to give a practical and real-life insight into how companies can achieve similar transitions.

The discussion will move on to look at how you can grow your business, through technology adoption and implementation. They will explore the current understanding of digital processes for manufacturers in the UK, the opportunities available via funding, knowledge, and innovation networks, and explain the dynamic benefits to your business including quality, productivity and upskilling improvements.

Mike Hague-Morgan is a highly respected figure in the manufacturing industry, with over 30 years of experience in the sector. As the Executive Director of Autocraft Solutions Group, he oversees a global company that provides bespoke engineering solutions for some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

Dr Megan Ronayne is an expert in industrial technologies and manufacturing, with over 20 years of experience in the field. As Head of Industrial Technologies and Manufacturing at Innovate KTN, she leads a team that provides support and funding for innovative manufacturing projects in the UK.

Talking Industry LIVE is an unmissable event for professionals in the manufacturing and engineering industries. Industry experts will gather to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and challenges through informative, engaging keynote speeches, panel discussions, seminars and workshops covering a broad range of topics across the manufacturing spectrum that will inspire and inform attendees.

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