inriver announces significant enhancements to its platform, signals for a new breed of PIM across the industry


inriver, a software company that powers the entire product journey with revenue-driving product information management (PIM) across every customer touchpoint, is unveiling a new breed of PIM that powers customers’ entire product journey. By elevating its platform, inriver is delivering even more operational efficiency, built-in digital shelf analytics, expanded sales opportunities, and greater sustainability benefits. Additionally, inriver has released all-new value-based packages, designed to meet the growing needs of new and existing customers, no matter where they are in their PIM journey.

Today, B2B and B2C enterprises are facing more demands for product information than ever before. inriver’s new breed of PIM is a purpose-built software solution that powers the entire product journey and provides a new dimension as enterprises transition towards circular product journeys. Expanded capabilities support data demands from ideation and sourcing to recycling and decommissioning. The evolved inriver PIM delivers sustainable transparency, omnichannel excellence, automation intelligence, and elevated customer experience and service.

“Harnessing product information is a business imperative, and off-the-shelf PIM simply won’t cut it anymore,” said Johan Boström, co-founder and Chief Customer Ambassador at inriver. “Buyers and regulators are challenging the traditional, linear approach to production and consumption, and companies must transition to meet the dynamics of the circular economy.”

As the world’s largest provider of Digital Shelf Analytics, inriver’s platform doesn’t just provide one-way information. Instead, it provides a feedback loop of actionable insights to the user about how and where the products are shown, providing the right information for the right person at the right time in a digestible, tailored, and curated way.

In addition, inriver is furthering its position as the PIM market leader for brands, manufacturers, and retailers. Notable customers include Office Depot, Living Spaces, and Prysmian Group. Prysmian Group, the largest cable manufacturer in the world with over 100 plants in over 50 countries, is using inriver to streamline their product information into one central hub, providing the scalability and speed needed for global expansion. inriver is also helping them increase their transparency around sustainability and eco-practices to meet customers demand as well as Prysmian’s commitment to sustainability.

“This is an exciting step in our product roadmap and demonstrates inriver’s ability to provide the most complete solution for customers to power their product journeys, plus lead the way for the wider industry. Simply put, this is a game-changer for the PIM space,” said Niels Stenfeldt, CEO of inriver. “Thanks to revenue driving capabilities like syndication, built-in digital shelf analytics and enterprise-grade security, we continue to secure value for our customers at every product touchpoint. With our new value-based approach, inriver now offers the most complete and sophisticated PIM solution on the market.”

This announcement accelerates the global business momentum inriver has secured under the leadership of Stenfeldt. In recent weeks, the company has added two industry veterans to its C-Suite team to meet growing US demand. Today’s news also coincides with the introduction of a value-based approach to licensing inriver products and services, with new packages that deliver greater performance and scalability for customers wherever they are in their PIM journey. These packages provide three pricing tiers to help customers get started and grow along their PIM journey, with the flexibility to adjust to customers’ needs, and unlimited user licensing in a multi-tenant SaaS solution.

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