IntelliTrans Partners with Nexxiot, Solving Real-World Rail Freight Problems with IoT Data


IntelliTrans, a leader in global multimodal solutions for optimizing supply chain operations for bulk & break-bulk industries, announces a partnership with Nexxiot, a leader in asset intelligence for rail and intermodal. This partnership enhances IntelliTrans’ rail freight transportation management and visibility platforms with real-time asset-level monitoring. In time, this will deliver real-time network insights, location monitoring, and other IoT-sensing data that reduces risk and improves safety.

“As the leader in rail freight transportation management, many of our clients will benefit from Nexxiot’s asset intelligence and insight, giving them visibility to where their freight is at all times,” says Ken Sherman, President, IntelliTrans. “With our industry knowledge and expertise combined with real-time data from Nexxiot sensors, the rail industry gets something they have never had before – answers to real-world problems.”

“Our devices gather immediate insights into the status of rail assets so that shippers know what is happening within their rail freight network in real-time,” says Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund. “With the IntelliTrans knowledge base and data gathering capabilities, our sensors can do more than just track assets; they can mitigate risk, improve safety, and keep customers happy.”

IntelliTrans will collect data from the Nexxiot sensors on rail cars, helping clients extend the value of their visibility data to avoid risks, such as being able to see that a hatch is open, that brakes are engaged during movement, or a notable impact has occurred. These sensors integrated into the IntelliTrans visibility platform will help keep rail shipments running smoothly.

“For example, by reading the sensors on brakes and hatches, we can see right away that something is happening, such as the railcar moving while the brake is engaged which can damage the wheel, helping identify issues as they occur, greatly increasing the safety of the railcar,” adds Sherman. “Or we can see if a hatch is open, which could lead to product quality becoming compromised or indicate that title transfer should occur from the shipper to the consignee. By knowing the hatch is open, we can better protect the car’s products, improving customer service and satisfaction.”

Nexxiot provides IoT sensors that monitor freight railcars’ handbrakes, hatches, and doors. The sensors connect wirelessly to the Nexxiot Globehopper (cellular) gateway, sending data to IntelliTrans for processing and analytics that enhance decision-making capabilities. Using Nexxiot Asset Intelligence technology, IntelliTrans clients mitigate uncertainty and risk, helping them to meet the growing demand for safer, high-quality rail freight. Nexxiot’s Scope AI extracts data from Nexxiot tracking devices and provides an interactive conversational interface to answer shipment status queries, such as “Which rail car doors were opened at midnight in Knoxville?”

“This shared expertise of our devices and the IntelliTrans analytics means customers can know what is happening with their rail shipments in real-time,” adds Kalmund. “It’s a win-win for both our companies and an even bigger win for rail customers around the world.”