Introducing Adexa’s Real Time Excel UI


Adexa has released a totally new and innovative way to use Microsoft Excel as an alternative UI as part of its Adexa’s Predictive Analytics (APA) platform, the foundation for both Demand Planning and Supply Analytics. The new Excel UI uses a real time connection between Excel and the Adexa APA server. Everybody loves the power of Excel, and knows how to use it to manipulate data and create personal calculations. Connect Excel to the Adexa APA server and you end up with powerful spreadsheets working in combination with our world class supply chain solutions and analytics.

The Excel UI shown here is a fully configurable Pivot Table that can also be used for editing input values. The user can have multiple Excel Worksheets, each with a different pivot table that can be used for different functional Excel UI’s, or combine data from multiple pivot tables together in one worksheet. Having the data in Excel means that the user can have other non-UI worksheets that help to perform calculations just as you would in a stand-alone Excel worksheet. The difference is that the Adexa APA Excel Worksheets have a live connection to the APA server.

The Excel data tab has a function to save the data changes made in Excel to the Adexa APA server, or get new data from the Adexa APA server. The Worksheet can be configured to define which fields are brought into Excel from the APA system. Just think that as soon as you publish the data from the worksheet all other people on the system that are allowed to see that data will be able to refresh with the new data. The APA server takes care of all role and functional security with no added effort.